Partnering with CVA and Driving Change in Nature Conservation & Community Wellbeing

At CVA, we are on a mission to build environmental resilience through community engagement and digital strategies that inspire people to take action in their local area and beyond.

As Australia’s conservation engagement experts, we partner with leading Australian businesses who share our vision of a world where people and nature thrive, together and are driven to bring about significant change. For us, “significant change” means large-scale, tangible action that makes a measurable difference, in our quest to improve the health of both ecosystems and people, around the country.

We have a solid track record. We are famous for coordinating bushfire regeneration and flood recovery projects that build environmental resilience. But we want to do more. We are ambitious. We want everyone to contribute to the urgent need to nurture biodiversity and take proactive positive steps to build back nature.


To help this important undertaking reach its potential, it’s going to require support in many forms. We partner with high-profile businesses with a clear commitment to supporting community and the environment, strong sustainability credentials, and who can bring in-house expertise as well as financial support to maximise the collective impact we can have.

With support from our corporate partners, there’ll be no limit to:

  • The number of Australians that can make a meaningful contribution to reversing nature loss;
  • The growth in stewardship of local ecosystems by individuals, community groups and business in all our cities;
  • The quantity of good news stories whose reach will further encourage even more participation, in turn creating wins for every community, every square metre of nature and every creature that relies on healthy ecosystems.

Why do our corporate partners choose to work with us?

  • Support long term and meaningful environmental and social impact,
  • Get behind on-ground and in-community outcomes that are measurable and evidenced,
  • Enhance brand awareness, brand value and competitiveness,
  • Powerful staff engagement opportunities that can build stronger teams, enhance employee understanding of company CSR strategy and increase staff pride in your business,
  • Generating positive and compelling stories of change within your communities of interest.

Partnering with CVA

We have 40 years of experience delivering award-winning marketing, corporate social responsibility, and shared value partnerships across Australia. We know conservation work. We have expertise built up over years of working on conservation place-based projects. We have nurtured projects and watched them grow and flourish.

We love to get creative with our partners and take a collaborative approach to building impactful partnerships that tell a great story. Our innovative use of digital technology like our CVA Community App, insures that we keep up-to-date with the latest technology that enables effective community building and communication.

Our dedicated Partnerships Team can work with you to find your strongest campaign alignment and co-develop a partnership that reflects your brand values and sustainability strategy.  

CVA has developed Corporate Partnerships for almost 40 years to deliver environmental action

Award winning

We are proud to have received awards, including: 

  • Banksia Sustainability Finalist 2021 
  • United Nations Global 500  
  • Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Community Business Partnerships 
  • Australian Financial Review Corporate Partnership Award 

SDG Alignment

Every day we are driven by the goals in the UN 2030 Agenda, which challenge us to take action for nature to slow the pace of climate change and to preserve the wellbeing of the planet and of people.

Our work responds to the environmental and societal issues that are front of mind for Australian communities, are priorities for community leaders and governments and are recognised globally within the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) notably: 

CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 3 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 11 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 12 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 13CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 14 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 15 CVA aligns Corporate Partnerships with SDG 17

In alignment with the UN on SDG 3 we seek to “Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, at all ages.” For CVA this means working towards a world where we live healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all, at all ages by inspiring nature stewardship.

CVA’s strategic plans support the Global Goal for Nature and the Australian Government’s 30×30 pledge under the Biodiversity Framework. For four decades we have been focused on biodiversity restoration; oceans, wetlands, and rivers; and on strengthening climate resilience. So far, we have planted 20 million trees and counting.

“CVA is a down to earth organisation that wants to make a real impact on the environment and with its volunteers. CVA is easy to work with and can easily find common interests for a mutually beneficial partnership. Inherently tied to their purpose is a hands-on approach to sustainability, which is a fantastic attribute to a CSR program.”  – Hayley Wright, Social Impact Manager, Vitality Brands

For further information please contact:

Audrey Barucchi
Executive Manager, Community & Corporate Engagement
m. +61 455 232 612
e. [email protected]