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Our Landholders: Meet Peter & Margaret

Like many properties in the NSW Northern Rivers, Peter and Margaret’s was once a farm producing dairy, bananas, pineapples, and even sheep. These days, it’s a lush paradise thanks to the commitment of Peter and Margaret who realised when they bought the land almost 4 years ago, something had to be done to restore it. 

“What excited us about the property was the position, the biodiversity values, the fact that we’re linked between a couple of key national parks to the north and south. And most importantly it was a place that we could make a difference,” says Peter. 

Excitingly, in a step in that direction, the property has just been approved to be covered by a conservation agreement – which essentially protects it forever. 

The aim is to restore their little piece of the natural world to its original condition as much as possible, while increasing the biodiversity and mix of vegetation planted.  

For Peter, having their own bit of land is a dream come true. Both being environmentalists and keen hikers, spending years stuck in the city has now made it extra rewarding to have a piece of wilderness to restore.  

“My interest in nature actually started through bush walking and traveling and being in the natural world. It gives us an enormous buzz to be here actually playing a part ourselves!” 

Margaret similarly has always been a nature-lover at heart. As a toddler she would constantly trail behind her parents in the outdoors. 

“My father would bear the brunt of most of it as I’d just be constantly saying “oh look dad there’s a worm! Or there’s a snail!” So, I was always in nature. It’s never not been there. And it always will be.” 

Another reason for Margaret’s deep desire to give back to the world around her is the fact that she’s been a wildlife rescuer for many years.  

“I joined WIRES just under 20 years ago and as a wildlife rescuer and rehabilitator it becomes fundamentally plants are food. When you see we’ve taken so much away from our beautiful birds and animals, it becomes clear how important it is to start putting plants back in. It’s all food for somebody or something.” 

Peter and Margaret’s property is a part of the NRMA funded project to restore habitat and food source for koalas and other threatened species across NSW and QLD private properties affected by the 2019/2020 summer bushfires. In fact, Peter and Margaret have seen relocation of endangered cockatoos to their property since the bushfires, as the land is a great refuge for wildlife finding new homes. 

“Without CVA we wouldn’t be standing in a field of young trees right now which will be both food and homes for future generations of wildlife. We’re extremely grateful. Working with CVA has been a fantastic experience so for us, and we look forward to any work we can do with CVA over the years!” 

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