With a 40-year history and goal of empowering another million actions for nature by 2030, we’re able to use long-term, real-world data to gauge our effectiveness in each of our three interconnected impact areas:

Healthier environments

More active stewardship for nature

Increased wellbeing

CVA has developed a custom-built Impact Measurement Framework backed by Accenture to assess our performance, and research supported by Bupa shows there’s already strong evidence that our work really does measure up. CVA’s unique contribution is that people engaged through CVA’s actions for nature become agents for nature-positive change in their community, feel an increased sense of purpose from their nature stewardship and that threats to ecological function are being reduced in local environments.

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3 key areas of action


Ocean & Wetlands

Climate Resilience

Impact area #1
Healthier environments

Our first impact area is all about demonstrating improvements in nature.

Just as human health is better when systems are in balance, nature needs its own life-support systems to function properly and thrive. Our projects improve ecological function with outcomes on threatened species populations, vegetation cover, carbon sequestration potential, water quality, and localised reduction in spread of invasive species (flora and fauna), sediment & other pollutants in waterways and aquatic pests.

Impact area #2
Active stewardship for nature

Our first impact area is all about building Australia’s largest community of nature stewards.

CVA nurtures people to act for nature by going beyond traditional volunteering by facilitating both in-person and online activities that build valuable knowledge, improve leadership abilities, and help participants gain the confidence to inspire others to prioritize the well-being of nature and the community.

People involved in nature stewardship feel more empowered to lead action in their communities and build skills to do so.

Impact area #3
Increased wellbeing

Our third impact area is about increasing wellbeing.

Involvement with CVA initiatives can result in people forming informal and formal relationships, which lead to friendships, kinships, occupational networks that in turn facilitate and aid trust, sense of purpose and belonging, mental health, and wellbeing. Put simply, we make people happier, healthier, and help them get along better with others.

"Spending time with CVA changed almost everything for me. I grew as a person. Working with, and in nature, side by side with beautiful like-minded people helped me find greater purpose and gave me hope for my future."

CVA program participant, 2022

Citizen science & conservation

We know that it’s not always easy to find time to volunteer with us, so we’ve created ways for people to take action anywhere, anytime. Everyone can take part and make a contribution to the conservation of biodiversity.

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