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‘Night at the Zoo’ with Conservation Volunteers Australia: Inspiring Youth for Ocean Conservation

Our recent collaboration with the Youth Ocean Carnival on World Ocean Day resulted in an unforgettable experience at the ‘Night at the Zoo‘ event at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. 

The event provided an opportunity for youth to be immersed in creative and engaging ways to protect nature and the ocean. As event partners, we worked with other amazing organisations to offer educational and fun-filled experiences, including the screening of Rising Up, a film produced by Kal Glanznig – all aimed at helping youth to learn more about our common role in protecting our planet.

Our Role in ‘Night at the Zoo’ and the Youth Ocean Carnival

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) was proud to partner with the Youth Ocean Carnival, a World Ocean Day initiative.


We participated in the ‘Night at the Zoo’, an immersive music and art conservation experience designed to inspire the next generation of Nature Stewards. Through this event, we connected with hundreds of high school students, sparking conversations about ocean health and conservation.



At the CVA stand, we introduced two engaging activities for the students. The first was an interactive map of Sydney laid on the floor, which allowed students to identify their favourite places in the city. This activity underscored the idea that the locations we cherish are the ones we should strive to protect. 

Our other activity was a competition where students could participate in guessing the number of cigarette butts in a jar, to help raise awareness of how litter affects our environment. The lucky winner received a year-long membership to Taronga Zoo.

Youth Engagement in Environmental Conservation

Many youth feel a profound sense of responsibility towards the protection of our environment. Their active participation and commitment to environmental conservation during the ‘Night at the Zoo’ event was a testament to this. We were and are immensely proud to witness such dedication and willingness to make a difference.


We firmly believe that everyone, regardless of age, can contribute to the conservation of nature. We, therefore, encourage not just the youth, but people of all ages to participate in our voluntary events across Australia. 

If you can’t make it to an event, you can also take meaningful action from the comfort of your own home through our CVA app. Every small action can lead to significant change.

Adopt a Challenge: Youth Taking Action for Nature

Building on the momentum of the ‘Night at the Zoo’ event where we had the chance to talk to an inspiring community of young Nature Stewards, we want to introduce you to our ‘Adopt a Challenge‘ initiative.

Adopt a Challenge is a CVA initiative that inspires young people to love and protect the environment. It encourages them to take on local conservation projects to learn about nature preservation. This includes taking action on ocean litter, which is a growing concern. We’re partnering with World Ocean Day and the Youth Ocean Carnival to promote Nature Stewardship in schools.

We’re inviting you to join the movement! There are various ways to get involved in adopting a challenge for nature:


➡️ Take part in CVA’s beach and river clean-ups. We’ve got volunteering events happening across Australia throughout the year.


➡️ Reduce plastic waste at home by taking part in our #SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge, using the CVA app. Get your family involved in reducing your household’s plastic footprint while having fun and learning more about plastic waste and its impact on our environment.


➡️ Take action within your school, community or workplace to reduce plastic waste. Organise a waste audit to identify the biggest sources of plastic waste so that you can reduce and eliminate it before it becomes a problem.


Find out more about Adopt a Challenge and decide which activities you’d like to take part in. All of these actions for nature are linked to CVA’s Sea the Change initiative.

Every effort counts towards our ambitious goal of removing 30 tonnes of rubbish from our environment over the next five years. Together, we can make a positive impact on our world.

Download the CVA App and get started now!