ReefClean Update

Volunteers on Mackay Harbour Beach

Heading to the beach isn’t always the first thing you think of in mid-winter, but for hundreds of volunteers in Queensland that’s exactly what they’ve been doing as they take part in the ReefClean program, which is aiming to reduce the volume of marine debris entering the Great Barrier Reef and increase awareness in local […]

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Beach Scrub Clean Up


Beach scrub is vegetation on coastal dunes comprising of trees to the height of 20m, semi-evergreen vine thickets, shrubs and a ground layer. Beach scrub is found in patches along the east coast of Australia and is recognised as important for stabilising sand dunes and protecting inland areas from storm surges.  This endangered vegetation has […]

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$5 million to tackle marine debris across the Great Barrier Reef

beach cleanup

Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Conservation Volunteers Australia are excited to announce that we have been engaged by the Australian Government to deliver a $5 million program of local actions to clean up and prevent litter from entering Great Barrier Reef waterways over the next five years. Tangaroa Blue Foundation is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to […]

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