Lendlease and CVA Partnership Announcement

Lendlease supports Water for Wildlife project in Campbelltown, NSW

Conservation Volunteers Australia is excited to announce a new partnership with international property and infrastructure group Lendlease, that will build community resilience and assist wildlife during extreme weather conditions by providing access to clean water for wildlife, and support wildlife monitoring activities.


The contribution falls under CVA’s Wild Futures campaign, and will allow us to be best prepared ahead of the next Australian summer by helping to mitigate drought and bushfire impacts on wildlife.


Helping species and places in special need


Lendlease’s support will enable CVA to build and set up water stations on the Lendlease managed “Browns Bush,” a property near Campbelltown, NSW protected under the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016. The land is an unburnt refuge area for local wildlife and a key habitat area for Koalas. Last summer the Australian bushfires made headlines around the world, and wildlife populations suffered devastating losses. Lendlease and CVA are aiming to have these water stations ready in time for summer as we brace for another bushfire season. The stations are just one project to support our local wildlife facing the threat of drought and bushfires and allows for CVA to maintain the water stations and refill them on a regular basis.

Matt Wallace, Director of Operations, Development, Lendlease says: “We’ve all seen how serious drought can be for wildlife, especially when coupled with an extended and intense bushfire season. It’s at times like these, that even the simplest of measurers can make a demonstrable difference for wildlife. Supporting CVA to build and install watering stations is a simple, yet very effective, way we can help support the local environment.

Along with the water stations wildlife monitoring cameras will be set up to enable CVA to monitor which wildlife use the water stations and the condition they are in without disturbing them. The stations are a necessity for the area – when drought and bushfires hit, our wildlife suffers from lack of food and water and the stations will provide some respite and enable us to monitor their welfare.

We are grateful for Lendlease’s support, after such a terrible bushfire season it is critical that we support local wildlife and ecosystems to recover as soon as possible and the water stations and wildlife monitoring are a great start.”  – David Jones, CVA’s Regional Manager for Sydney Region.

Later in the year and once CVA resumes its volunteering activities, Lendlease communities will be able to join the effort to support local fauna and flora. CVA are pleased with the support from Lendlease in such a critical time and praise their focus on the environment that they operate in.