Clean Up Australia Day 2020

For the past 30 years, the first Sunday in March has been marked by hordes of people, from every walk of life, taking to their local streets, parks, beaches and waterways to collect and safely dispose of rubbish clogging their environment.

Clean Up Australia Day is one of the biggest days of the year for volunteers making a difference in their local communities, and this year Conservation Volunteers Australia was proud to host and be involved in six Clean Up events, facilitating and engaging volunteers in collecting, documenting and safely disposing of rubbish that would otherwise cause damage to wildlife and ecosystems.

This year’s theme was Step Up to Clean Up. Below are short accounts from each event CVA was involved in this year, and a big Thank You to everyone who stepped up!

CVA Office: Brisbane

Clean Up site: W H Yeo Park, Victoria Point QLD

Thanks so much to all our wonderful volunteers who came out on Saturday, 29th Feb for CVA’s Clean Up Australia Day! We not only collectively removed and sorted 8 kg of rubbish from W H Yeo Park, Victoria Point for Tangaroa Blue’s Australian Marine Debris Initiative. We also surveyed and collected over 35 pieces of microplastics from our systematic survey for AUSMAP’s nationwide microplastic pollution database.

This was all possible due to our Queensland Government Citizen Science Grant and our amazing partners AUSMAP and Tangaroa Blue.

CVA Office: Townsville

Clean Up Site: Alva Beach, Burdekin region, QLD

What a wonderful ReefClean and Clean Up Australia event yesterday! We had 28 participants help us collect 14 bags of rubbish weighing 148 kilograms along 2.58 kilometers of the Alva Beach coast! A BIG thank you to everyone involved, and a special shout out to the Ayr Surf Lifesaving Club for collecting rubbish for us on Saturday since they were unable to make the event Sunday.

We look forward to more monitoring and clean ups at Alva Beach next week!

Partners: Burdekin Shire Council, Tangaroa Blue, ReefClean, Ayr Surf Lifesaving Club

Top photo courtesy of Burdekin Shire Council

CVA Office: Mackay

Clean Up Site: Town Beach, Mackay QLD

Thanks to everyone that attended Clean Up Australia day at Town Beach on Sunday 3rd March. Thanks to Many Hands Make Light Work for organising the event. Shout out to the many students and staff of Mercy College Mackay

CVA Office: Greater Sydney

Clean Up Site: Prospect Creek, Smithfield

This year’s theme for Clean Up Australia Day was “Step Up to Clean Up” and our volunteers did just that!

A big shout out to the team who came along on Sunday to collect litter along Prospect Creek. The team collected just over 100 kgs of rubbish in just a few hours! Incredible work!

We hope everyone had a great Clean Up Australia Day, wherever you are!

This project was made possible by the Australian Government’s Communities Environment Program, and a huge thank you to Cumberland City Council for supporting our work!

CVA Office: Adelaide

Clean Up Site: Patawalonga Lake, Glenelg North, SA

Clean Up Australia: Today we had a great turn over 20 people helped us collect rubbish on the Patawalonga Lake at the  City of Holdfast Bay over 8kg of macro rubbish was removed from the shores. As a part of the day we also undertook a Microplastic Survey in partnership with AUSMAP. What is microplastics in case you are not aware they are small pieces of plastic, less than 5 mm (0.2 inch) in length, that occur in the environment as a consequence of plastic pollution!

We can all make a difference to the environment by reconsidering and not using single-use waste as a start to stop it entering landfill and potentially our waterways.

CVA Office: Perth

Clean Up Site: Leighton Beach

Thanks to the vollies who braved the storm this morning to help our Clean Up Australia day project at Leighton Beach. We found multiple mircoplastic fragments in our AUSMAP survey and hundreds more along the beach (including many nurdles). The girls from St Hilda’s school and the team from Cummins helped us collect, sort and document the rubbish for Tangaroa Blue


Micro-plastics collected during the Perth Clean Up

Micro-plastics collected during the Perth Clean Up


A group of volunteers at Victoria Point undertaking a micro-plastics survey

A group of volunteers at Victoria Point undertaking a micro-plastics survey