Hawkesbury River in flood - NSW February 2020

Recovering from bushfires and floods – get support from volunteers

With the recent rains falling across several of the fire grounds in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, many of the worst fires from the 2019/2020 are finally under control or even extinguished.

However the rain has been so heavy that further damage is now being done to the many fire affected ecosystems, with soil and debris being washed into creeks and rivers, and landslides happening across the states.

Bushfires have a significant impact on the landscape due to the loss of trees, bushes and other plants caused by fire. In some cases, fires can leave behind little but ash and rock.

So we’re putting another call out for groups and projects in fire affected regions who feel like they could use some support from our growing army of people who have put their hand up to help with the environmental recovery.


Are you a member of a bushcare group who need help with weed control after the fires?

Are you part of a council team which needs help to replace plantings, or to clear tracks and replace burnt signage?

Or do you lead a river or coastal guardian group who need help with sediment and erosion control, or even removing flood debris?


If you’re involved in recovery efforts and need support with that work, you can get in touch to request support here. It’s a quick form, and one of the Conservation Volunteers team will be in touch to clarify your needs and walk you through getting support.

Request More Information About Bushfire Recovery Support


Note: Conservation Volunteers is coordinating requests for help with the almost 10k people who have put a hand up to help, but we do not currently have funding for materials or contractors for on ground work. Please speak with your local natural resource management body to see if you can access additional funding.

This service is made possible with the support of the Australian Government as part of the Bushfire Recovery support package.


Downloadable Resource: SES Victoria ‘Floods And Storms After Fires’ (Opens a PDF)


Image courtesy of NSW SES Hawkesbury Unit.