Volunteering to recover burnt landscape from bushfires

Conservation Volunteers Australia to coordinate national environmental volunteering response for bushfire recovery

On Monday 13th January the Australian Federal Government announced an initial $50 million investment in supporting the recovery of wildlife and habitats devastated in the current bushfire crisis.

With $25 million assigned to an emergency intervention fund for immediate, critical wildlife and habitat survival interventions, a further $25 million has been made available to support wildlife rescue, zoos, Natural Resource Management Groups, Greening Australia and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) has been selected to coordinate the national environmental volunteering response to the bushfire crisis. From our experience in other disaster responses, we know that large numbers of people will contribute their time and skills to help with recovery over the many weeks, months and years ahead.

Responding will require efforts at a scale that will only be known once affected areas are declared safe, and damage has been assessed. The sheer scale of the fires, the sensitive nature of many of the areas affected, and the numbers of wildlife that are displaced are enormous. We stand ready to help volunteers to contribute and direct their efforts to recovery actions that will help land, water and wildlife.


We will be focussing on three key actions to establish and roll out environmental volunteering opportunities in the bushfire recovery process:


Establish a central environmental volunteer registration hub

Volunteers can register their interest in participating in bushfire recovery projects and receive regular updates on environmental volunteering opportunities.

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Support organisations who need help with environmental volunteering

There are many groups working on the ground in fire-affected areas who we will be working with to support them with the recruitment and management of environmental volunteers. Our national presence allows us to reach out and provide volunteer management and coordination support to local and regional groups.

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Share opportunities for environmental volunteering

We will be regularly communicating with the volunteers and organisations who register with us via an email newsletter, sharing environmental volunteering opportunities in the regions they are interested in.

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We have also already commenced development of mid to long-term projects to provide further protection to sensitive habitats and waterways in fire-affected areas.

We will be updating our website and communicating with volunteers, our partners, our staff and our community regularly over the coming weeks as safety and need assessments are made, and as specific volunteering support opportunities take shape.

We are working to ensure that all people who are keen to take part in the recovery efforts will be able to find opportunities to do their bit, and that organisations who need support get the help they need. Thank you in advance for your generosity in volunteering your time and skills to environmental recovery from the ongoing bushfire crisis.