Working in the Cumberland Plain with Western Sydney Airport

Today we’re announcing an exciting new partnership which focuses on enhancing, restoring and protecting local waterways and habitat.


Partnering with Western Sydney Airport, Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) will be doing community engagement and activation work in Western Sydney to restore and protect vital habitat for Threatened Ecological Communities and species.

CVA Greater Sydney Regional Coordinator David Jones said “This partnership will provide a valuable opportunity to engage locals in the ecological and social values of the Cumberland Plain, and help in its long-term restoration and protection. Western Sydney contains multiple Threatened Ecological Communities that are in desperate need of restoration, mainly due to the spread of invasive weeds and centuries of urbanisation which has reduced habitat connectivity and put pressure on threatened species.”

WSA CVA Cumberland Plains 1B

Western Sydney Airport and CVA will be creating opportunities for locals and visitors to get involved through events across the region which may involve bush regeneration, plant and animal monitoring Citizen Science activities, seed collection, installation of habitat boxes, guided walks and educational programs.

These activities work within the Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan outlined by NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. You can also read more about what makes up the Cumberland Plain Woodland, and why it’s unique here.

This partnership between Western Sydney Airport and CVA represents an important investment in nurturing stronger communities and resilient ecosystems in the region. Western Sydney Airport employees will also be working side by side with local community volunteers to grow knowledge, skills and relationships, as well as further developing environmental awareness and stewardship across the community.

Image by Conservation Volunteers Australia

Image by by Andrew Dodds from Department of Planning Industry and Environment

Western Sydney Airport Chief Executive Officer Graham Millett says “We are building an airport for Western Sydney’s future and a big part of that is being a good neighbour, understanding the local impacts and giving back to our local community and importantly our environment in a really positive way.”

“There are regulations around the environmental standards we must meet as we design and build the Airport, but we are always looking for opportunities to go further to ensure the Airport represents a commitment to future generations.”

CVA Partnership Manager, Geraldine Rep says, “We look forward to working with Western Sydney Airport to make a difference for local communities, by raising awareness and protecting habitat of endangered species in this rapidly developing region. We’re able to create exciting new opportunities for long-time residents and people who are moving to the area to meet and build new connections over the important work to protect and restore the Cumberland Plains. It’s great for Conservation Volunteers Australia to work with Western Sydney Airport on our mission to strengthen the health of communities and ecosystems for mutual benefit.”

To get involved in this exciting initiative, contact the CVA Greater Sydney office to hear about upcoming events, or follow the CVA Greater Sydney Facebook Page.

For more about Western Sydney Airport, see their website here.