koala race cover

The Great Koala Race is ON!

2 teams. 20,000 trees. 1 month.

We’re embarking on something not seen in Conservation before – a competition between two teams to plant 20,000 new koala homes.

Koalas are under threat across Australia, and  we are committed to working with communities to restore and protect their habitats.

The Great Koala Race is a fun way for people to be involved in making a difference. Every day we hear a lot of stories of how bad things are so we wanted to create a way for people to inject a little fun back into how we tackle these challenges.

CVA is leading the way in exploring new models of how to engage communities in practical conservation, and showing what’s possible if we roll up our sleeves and get to work.

On Thursday 17th October, 15 of our staff and volunteers (from Geelong, Hobart, Townsville and Newcastle) flew in to join the Brisbane team for the first week of The Great Koala Race. A further 279 volunteers from local businesses, clubs and communities turned up to events during the following week and pitched in! There’s been smiles, new connections, and so far we have over 6000 plants in the ground of our 20K target.

Volunteers Planting in Week 1 of The Great Koala Race


Week 2 will see CVA staff from Perth and Sydney join the race, in addition to our friends from the California Conservation Corps, Scouts and more amazing corporate groups.

It’s hot out there in Tambourine, Queensland, and our Brisbane staff have been tireless in their project management for this large scale event, keeping volunteers safe and getting trees in the ground. They’re also doing a great job of using social media to get the word out and attract new volunteers – everyone is welcome!

Want to get involved?

The Great Koala Race will only run until 31 October, so get in quick!

  • If you’re in the Brisbane area, you can fly solo or bring a crew to join a team for a day or more. Just head to our volunteering events page here.
  • If you can’t make it, but you know people in the area, please share this page with your friends!
  • For media enquiries, please contact [email protected]

Conservation Volunteers Australia has been working to establish appropriate sites for koala habitat with our local partners, and bringing together all the pieces to make The Great Koala Race possible. Of course, the Race is only half the challenge – CVA and partners will be looking after the plantings over the coming months and years to ensure the highest survival rate possible. This project is supported by our partners NRMA Insurance, as part of our Every Home Is Worth Protecting partnership.