Every Home Is Worth Protecting

What’s cute and fluffy and has 60,000 new trees to climb?

Yep, that’d be any koala lucky enough to live near where Conservation Volunteers is working in NSW and South East Queensland!

We’re thrilled to be launching a new partnership with NRMA Insurance. It’s designed to get trees in the ground and improve habitat for koalas in places where they need it most. Together we’re committing to an ongoing effort to tackle the problems facing koala habitat and the impacts of climate change. Can you help us?

NRMA CVA Partnership


With invaluable help from volunteers like you, support from NRMA and from our field partners, we’ll be helping to improve the future for koalas in their northern habitats. Of course, it’s not just about trees, though they’re an essential part of the mix. Koalas don’t just eat – they travel, sleep and explore, and that’s why their habitat needs special care. Weeds can really mess with all the other native plants that need to grow in koala habitat, so we’re addressing weed infestations. Smaller trees, shrubs and grasses provide homes for other animals that keep the bush healthy for koalas, so we’re planting those too. And for those times when a change of scenery is needed, we’re planting trees that koalas may not eat, but they definitely like to spend time relaxing in, or use them to travel safely above the ground where dogs and other predators can’t reach them.

Cuteness alone is not enough to save koalas. Deforestation, bushfires and climate change are all contributing to the loss of koala habitat in NSW and Queensland. At the current rate, wild koalas could be gone from these areas by 2050. Without their homes, koalas simply won’t exist. They need our help and we’re thrilled that NRMA is enabling us to do more for koalas. We need your help – and it’s easy to get involved.

Click here to find a koala habitat project near you and find out more about the #KoalaHelp campaign (+ share our #KoalaHelp tweets), and become a Conservation Volunteer today.

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