Mackay Team at Oaky Creek

Oaky Creek Revegetation in Mackay

As a national organisation with offices around the country, it’s always exciting to hear about the diverse projects going on in the regions. We recently asked our Mackay office what their current favourite project is, and heard about the fantastic flood recovery work being undertaken at Oaky Creek, outside Mackay in northern Queensland.

Thanks to Project Officer Jessica Styan for answering our questions!

What’s this office’s favorite project?

Oaky Creek Revegetation. We were contracted by our partner organisation Reef Catchments; the regions NRM organisation, for 3 days planting (but got it extended to 4) and 10 days maintenance. We have completed the main planting part of the project, putting in 870 trees, shrubs and grasses, all arranged in a specific pattern according to the plant design. Reef Catchments received funding to repair and restore stream banks throughout the region following Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie. The program is jointly funded by the Australian and Queensland Governments under Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements. After extensive mapping, modelling and community consultation Reef Catchments identified a number of sites that were in the greatest need of remediation to improve the resilience of Oaky Creek to future flood events. Our site at Oaky Creek was previously a concern due to the steep bare slope and  significant ongoing erosion issues. The site received a lot of preparation work with a rock toe being installed and an organic blanket being sprayed prior to planting works.

Where is it located?

Oakenden, South West of Mackay, Queensland

How long have you been working on it?

4 days

How many volunteers have engaged with the project?


What impact has our involvement had on the project?

Together our team transformed a previously empty site of just dirt to a wildlife corridor, planting 870 native trees, shrubs and grasses over 4 days out on site.

What’s the best thing that’s happened as part of the project?

We were able to see the transformation of an empty patch of land to what will grow up to be a thriving wildlife vegetation corridor. We also really enjoyed being part of a diverse project.

What’s the most surprising thing that’s happened/what were you not expecting?

It was very windy out on site, which we were not expecting, we had to chase down our runaway gazebo a couple of times!

Read more about the project on the Reef Catchments website


Oaky Creek at the beginning of the project

After planting had finished