Curlew photo by Eugene Cheah, EAAFP

World Curlew Day April 21 2019

April 21 is World Curlew Day, a day to raise awareness about this unique shorebird that is facing habitat loss and the threat of extinction. There are eight species of Curlew found around the world and the largest of them all, the Far Eastern Curlew, migrates to northern and eastern Australian shorelines to feed during the southern summer, from September to April. Over 70% of the world’s Far Eastern Curlews make the journey to our shores each year from their nesting grounds in Kamchatka, Siberia and Mongolia.

We will be celebrating World Curlew Day as part of our Community Conservation of the Far Eastern Curlew project. This is a 2 year initiative funded by the Australian Government which engages local communities to improve and protect Curlew habitat and undertake monitoring surveys. Habitat loss in is one of the key factors impacting Far Eastern Curlew populations to the point where the species is now listed as Critically Endangered in Australia.

Starting in June 2017, the project has already achieved fantastic outcomes for Curlew habitats and the communities around them. Key achievements in the first year include:

  • Engaging 419 individuals in the project, including 15 Indigenous Australians, with 320 people participating more than once.
  • Undertaking 20 community shorebird surveys, adding 2,376 bird observation records to the Australian Living Atlas covering 107 species.
  • Hosting community awareness events at each location and connecting with local partner organizations.
  • Completing 55 on-ground team days over the five locations, controlling weeds and mangroves and removing 2 tonnes of marine debris.

The project will run until June 2019, and we are inviting community volunteers to join us in improving Curlew habitat in Shoalhaven, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. To get involved, contact your local CVA office.


For more information contact:

Louise Duff, Program Manager – Wetlands Catchments Coasts

Email: [email protected]

You can read about the achievements to date of the Far Eastern Curlew’s Conservation project here.

For more information about World Curlew Day, check out the World Curlew Day Facebook page.

Photo: Far Eastern Curlews complete an epic migration from Siberia to Australia and back every year.

Credit: Eugene Cheah, EAAFP