Beach Scrub Clean Up

Beach scrub is vegetation on coastal dunes comprising of trees to the height of 20m, semi-evergreen vine thickets, shrubs and a ground layer. Beach scrub is found in patches along the east coast of Australia and is recognised as important for stabilising sand dunes and protecting inland areas from storm surges.  This endangered vegetation has strong ecological diversity and provides habitat for many birds and animals.

Beach scrub

The Beach Scrub Project in the Townsville area, funded by the Australian Government through NQ Dry Tropics, aims to promote conservation of this important ecosystem. Works include weed control, improved fire management and grazing, revegetation, debris removal and monitoring.  Join the teams and explore beautiful areas from Crystal Creek to Bowen. You will get to see out of the way places, reduce fire impacts, liberate native species for regeneration and help conserve these unique areas.

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