Shorebird Forum Wrap

On September 20 Conservation Volunteers hosted the Moreton Bay Shorebird Forum in Brisbane. The forum was focussed on connecting local stakeholders with each other, and with our federally funded project to aid the recovery of the Far Eastern Curlew population in Moreton Bay and four other sites.

Key attendees included Amelia Selles, Principal Project Officer in the Wetlands Team, Qld Dept of Environment and Science, Professor Richard Fuller, University of Queensland and Dr. Mark Carey, Migratory Species Unit, Australian Dept of Environment and Energy. Other delegates represented industry, volunteer and NGO groups and included David Edwards, Chairperson of the Queensland Wader Study Group.

Attendees demonstrated a collective commitment to improved protection and management of shorebirds in the Moreton Bay area. The benefits of stakeholders working together for the common cause of Curlew conservation through collaboration and data sharing, including establishing a central repository of shorebird data and standardising shorebird data collection methods, were discussed.

The main outcome from the forum was a set of strategic actions to guide shorebird conservation in Moreton Bay, covering:

  • Governance
  • Community engagement
  • Managing disturbance and
  • Protecting and restoring habitat

Feedback was requested at the close of the workshop, with one participant responding that it was a “great mechanism to find a way forward for waders”.

The Community Conservation of Far Eastern Curlew Project is focussed on five sites on the east coast of Australia where the critically endangered Curlews come to rest and feed in the southern summer. CVA has engaged volunteers in habitat restoration activities at the five project locations in Towra Point Nature Reserve (Sydney NSW), Moreton Bay and the Broadwater (South East QLD), Hunter Estuary (Newcastle NSW), Shoalhaven Heads (Nowra NSW), and Casuarina Coastal Reserve (Darwin NT). This forum was one of five stakeholder workshops being held as part of the project, with one workshop held in each location.

For more information about the project, contact the Revive Our Wetlands Program Manager Louise Duff.

Project Partners: QLD Government, University of Queensland and Queensland Wader Study Group.

The workshop was assisted with funding by the Australian Government through its National Landcare Program.

Curlew photo by Eugene Cheah, EAAFP