Representatives from Aon Charitable Foundation, Conservation Volunteers Australia and National Parks & Wildlife Services at Bradleys Head, NSW

Celebrating 10 years of supporting threatened species

On September 7, National Threatened Species Day, Aon Charitable Foundation (ACF) and Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) came together to celebrate the milestone of our 10-year partnership, supporting conservation projects that focus on the recovery of threatened species through our Wild Futures Program.

Focusing on a selected range of species and threatening processes across Australia, Wild Futures contributes to conservation of our wildlife in a simple yet powerful way. Working with recovery teams, land managers, government and other experts, we identify expert approved actions in which significant support can be provided. We then assemble new resources and eager volunteers to create a wilder future for our unique wildlife.

We celebrated our achievements at Bradleys Head, home to beautiful Sydney sandstone woodland, spectacular views of the beautiful Sydney Harbour and also the endangered Red-crowned Toadlet. The tiny toadlet is a species of frog that is only found within the Sydney region. It is threatened by activities such as habitat loss, pollution and the invasion of native habitat by exotic weeds. Along with colleagues from Aon, we have been focusing on hands-on bush regeneration, improving the toadlet’s native Sydney sandstone woodland habitat by removing invasive exotic weeds.

Aon Charitable Foundation Manager Fiona Norris said, “We are proud and excited to celebrate our 10-year

From left to right; Fiona Norris, Bruce Curby, Eima Alkheder, Trina Ding, Marise Maechler, Phil Harrison & Paul D'Arcy celebrate the 10-year partnership at Bradleys Head, NSW.

From left to right; Fiona Norris, Bruce Curby, Eima Alkheder, Trina Ding, Marise Maechler, Phil Harrison & Paul D’Arcy celebrate the 10-year partnership at Bradleys Head, NSW.

partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia. This partnership provides not only financial support but also enhanced colleague engagement, by giving our people across Australia the chance to volunteer with CVA and support its Wild Futures program. Aon colleagues are renowned for their commitment, dedication and hard work during volunteer days.

CVA’s CEO Phil Harrison said the organisation is very grateful for the support Aon has provided to the Wild Futures Program. “It is extraordinary to think that 501 species of Australian animals are now extinct or threatened. Our Wild Futures Program focuses support on a select number of species including the Koala, Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo, the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly and of course the Red-crowned Toadlet. Through this program our Aon volunteers have engaged in activities that include revegetation, invasive species management, and tag and recapture monitoring activities to help ensure a bright future for these species.”

Over the last 10 years Aon has had more than 1,000 employees volunteer on recovery projects planting more than 8,500 seedlings, removing invasive weeds from an area exceeding 65,000m2, collecting 648kg of litter and constructing 2,000 metres of walking track.

You can read more about our Threatened Species programs and how you can help to give our endangered wildlife a Wild Future.