A volunteer from APA plants another tree at Westgate Park, VIC

Australasia Property Advisory Association joins forces with CVA for a tree planting day at Westgate Park

Westgate Park recently benefited from hundreds of native seedlings being planted by family and friends from Australasia Property Advisory Association (APA). APA was founded by a group of professional service providers from a range of disciplines associated with the property industry in Victoria, Australia. The planting day held on Saturday 25th August, supports their vision of uniting property practitioners and professional service providers to create a positive impact on the Australasia society.

Developed in 1984 as part of Victoria’s 150th anniversary celebration, Westgate Park is located along the eastern banks of the Yarra River under the Westgate Bridge and offers spectacular views to the mouth of the Yarra and the city skyline. Having undergone many transformations before emerging as one of Melbourne’s most visible parks, Westgate Park is a vibrant example of how wasteland can become a flourishing ecological and recreational wetland environment. The volunteer day focused on the planting of native seedlings across the park with the aim of enhancing the habitat for a large number of birds that have begun using Westgate Park since wildlife corridors and biodiversity links have been developed.

Danielle Johnson, National Corporate Partnerships Manager at Conservation Volunteers said,

A CVA team leader helps an APA volunteer plant a seedling at Westgate Park, VIC

A CVA team leader helps an APA volunteer plant a seedling at Westgate Park, VIC

“Conservation Volunteers provide unique opportunities for groups to come together and do something good for the environment and their communities. At the same time, volunteers really enjoy a day out with their colleagues, family and friends and meeting people from other organisations. The sun was out shining for the APA ‘family’ whom enjoyed a fun and rewarding day of tree planting.”

Max Lam, panel member at Australasia Property Advisory Association said, “Trees are a symbol of longevity and sustainability, it embraces harms and negativities and prolong well beings of nature and life. Through getting our hands dirty, we hope that Western and Asian cultural could find another common ground where we both appreciate and cherish. “

This event was supported by Riskcom Group, PTC Consulting Engineers, Wolf International Group, Goldfield Group, BNG Group,  Group GSA Pty Ltd, Berrigan Doube Lawyers Group, Altus Group, Waste Wise Environmental & HTD Development.