Wilkins Green Bushcare Group at Bushcare's Big Day Out

Spring into Bushcare’s Big Day Out – 16th September 2018

With less than a month to go before Bushcare’s Big Day Out on 16th September, the race is on to get your sites registered and decide what activities your volunteers will be doing on the day. Does your site need weed removal? Maybe there are plantings to maintain and keep watered as the dry Spring rolls on. Or will you be hosting a morning of bird watching and plant identification?

If you are looking for a Bushcare’s Big Day Out event to participate in, now’s the time to visit the national map and see what’s on in your area. Events are being held from late August right through to the middle of September, so make sure you check the dates.

Conservation Volunteers Australia is very proud to host Bushcare’s Big Day Out, and the diversity of activities on offer are the best thing about the event. It’s a platform for local groups to share their work, attract new members and connect with others in their regions, with events tailored to suit local conditions, interests and needs.

Over 40 events are already registered for Bushcare’s Big Day Out 2018, offering activities ranging from mulching to bushfire education and wildflower walks. Visit the national map to find one near you.

For more information email us at [email protected]

Feature photo shows the Wilkins Green Committee Bushcare group hard at work at Wilkins Green School, taken by volunteer bush regenerator Sonya.