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Woodside’s Partnership Supports New Partnership Opportunities for Conservation Volunteers Australia

Woodside’s partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) has significantly contributed towards the restoration and creation of wildlife corridor linkages within five Local Government regions and two WA Government Departments.

In July 2017, CVA successfully partnered with the South West Group and five of its Member Councils – City of Fremantle, City of Kwinana, City of Melville, City of Cockburn and Town of East Fremantle.  The partnership supports a coordinated approach by these Councils and the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to restore and enhance wildlife corridors across the lands they manage.  CVA contributes by connecting the community to these projects through opportunities to volunteer in their local area.

CVA’s partnership with Woodside provided a significant in-kind contribution to formalise the South West Group partnership through Woodside employee volunteering and the Woodside Coastal Guardian’s Program.  In 2018, Woodside selected Bibra Lake within the  Beeliar Regional Park as a focus site for their employee volunteering, contributing to the on-going efforts made by CVA volunteers and Friends of Cockburn Education Centre to rehabilitate the native wetland habitat.

Over the past two years, Woodside’s Operations Team donated over $68,000 to CVA, which has contributed to on-ground conservation outcomes and volunteering opportunities within the South West Group Council regions and surrounding areas.

Woodside volunteers undertake rehabilitation works

Woodside volunteers undertake rehabilitation works

Woodside’s support to CVA enables the community to actively take part in conservation efforts by providing opportunities for individuals to casually participate in restoration events and activities in which they are interested, or should they chose to, to collaborate and form a group to actively contribute to the management of an area of bushland, wetland, foreshore or coast.  In this way, CVA provides an easy and enjoyable way for the community to help conserve the natural environment and support threatened ecological communities such as Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain, threatened species such as the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo and international migratory flyway agreements such as JAMBDA, CAMBA and ROKAMBA.

Woodside’s partnership with CVA is a prime example of corporate sector support to volunteer and conservation initiatives and philanthropy.