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Launching Bushcare’s Big Day Out 2018

In 2017 Conservation Volunteers Australia was offered the exciting opportunity to co-ordinate Bushcare’s Major Day Out (BMDO), a national day of action intended to encourage everyone to participate in caring for the environment and connect with Bushcare, Landcare and other local groups. After requesting feedback from stakeholders we have made some changes to BMDO and look forward to making this national day of action bigger and better every year.

The first change you will notice is the name change – Bushcare’s Major Day Out has been updated to Bushcare’s Big Day Out (BBDO). A new logo was developed by our Corporate Partner Pernod Ricard Winemakers to reflect the dynamic and vibrant culture of this national day of action. The new logo will be made available to Event Organisers to use in promoting their Bushcare’s Big Day Out activities.


Helena Dewis BBDO 2018









Conservation Officer Helena Dewis has worked extensively with Bushcare groups and Bushcare’s Major Day Out, and is looking forward to getting more volunteers involved this year.   

Events Map and Blogs

The next major change is the launch of an online Events Map and Event Blogs. When a BBDO event is registered it will be entered onto the online map and an accompanying blog with event information published. So now anyone can jump online and find an event near them, and groups who have registered events can share the Events Map and event blog posts with their networks. Marked on the map with a gum leaf icon, the first event listed is an example from last year to demonstrate how the map works.

You can view the map here

We can’t wait to fill the map up with Bushcare’s Big Day Out activities, so please register your events! The online registration form hasn’t changed since last year and is still the best way to register your event.

You can view the form and register your event here.

Bushcare’s Big Day Out falls on Sunday September 16 this year.

As always, we want to hear from you! If you have any questions or suggestions for BBDO, please get in touch via email

Visit the Bushcare’s Big Day Out webpage