World Curlew Day 21 April 2018

Over 70% of the world’s Far Eastern Curlews, the largest migratory shorebird, migrate to Australia’s shores every year and can be spotted around the north and eastern coasts from Darwin to Wollongong during the months from September to April. Far Eastern Curlews are listed as Critically Endangered in Australia.

April 21 is World Curlew Day, a day to raise awareness about this unique shorebird. To celebrate World Curlew Day, Conservation Volunteers Australia is holding an event in Darwin at Lee Point where volunteers can get involved with protecting and restoring Curlew habitat:

Saturday 21st April 10:00am-12:00pm
Daribah Road, first south western car park.
More information: Contact Nick Fewster, Darwin Regional Manager 0429 998 861

Conservation Volunteers Australia is leading the Community Conservation of the Far Eastern Curlew project, a 2 year initiative focused on engaging local communities in improving and protecting Curlew habitat and undertaking monitoring surveys.

We are inviting community volunteers to join our projects in Shoalhaven, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Darwin. To get involved, contact your local CVA office.

For more information contact:
Louise Duff, Program Manager – Wetlands Catchments Coasts
Email: [email protected]

You can read about the achievements to date of the Far Eastern Curlew’s Conservation project here.

For more information about World Curlew Day, check out the World Curlew Day Facebook page.

Photo at page top: Far Eastern Curlews complete an epic migration from Siberia to Australia and back every year.
Credit: Eugene Cheah, EAAFP

Curlew Day flyer