Ingham's Volunteers at wetlands in the Hunter, NSW

Ingham’s launch a new program supporting local wetlands

This week at sites around Australia and New Zealand, Ingham’s employees are celebrating the launch of a new partnership with Conservation Volunteers. The partnership will provide opportunities for Ingham’s employees, family and friends to participate in environmental projects in wetlands close to their place of work.

The Revive Our Wetlands Program managed by Conservation Volunteers with Ingham’s support, will engage communities to protect and conserve wetlands and their catchments with a focus on restoring water quality, flood resilience and nature conservation.

Volunteers plant grasses at a local wetland. Photo taken by Robert Nylander

Volunteers plant grasses at a local wetland. Photo taken by Robert Nylander

Wetlands and waterways are among the most important life-support systems on Earth. They are vital for ecological sustainability and a critical part of our natural environment. Rivers and wetlands are an integral part of the water supply and on which Ingham’s plants depend. Healthy vegetation buffers filter pollutants and sediments, ensuring high water quality for end-users and the environment. They provide habitat for waterbirds, fish, amphibians and plants. Wetlands help store water and carbon, and mitigate the impact of floods. They are peaceful places for people to enjoy and have cultural significance for Aboriginal people.

Commencing in March, Conservation Volunteers will deliver a series of on-ground volunteer days and community education to restore and conserve wetlands and waterways, including Ramsar-listed sites of international significance.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Ingham’s to protect and restore our precious wetlands across Australia and New Zealand. With Ingham’s support, we will make a significant contribution by engaging communities to conserve wetlands and their catchments for nature and people,” said Phil Harrison, Conservation Volunteers CEO.

Volunteers activities will include:

  • Removal of invasive weeds and plant indigenous trees, shrubs and riparian species
  • Upgrade of bird hides, boardwalks and pathways
  • Construction and installation of bird nest boxes
  • Surveying and litter removal
  • Monitoring and reporting on birds, water quality and macro invertebrates

This program compliments the work being undertaken by Ingham’s through its Water Stewardship membership.

“Water is a very important resource for our business at Ingham’s and we are delighted to be partnering with Conservation Volunteers and connecting our people with wetland and waterway projects which will have a long lasting positive benefit on the environment and the communities in which we are working,” said Julia Seddon, General Manager Corporate Affairs.

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