Koala Tracking

Koalas and Bandicoots benefit with support from Adobe Foundation

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) has been grateful to receive funding through the Adobe Foundation for two vitally important projects aimed at protecting Australia’s native species;

Sydney’s Koalas

Koala with tracking device

Koala with tracking device

Most recently, Adobe supported a study monitoring a koala population just outside Sydney. Our much-loved koala is currently listed as vulnerable to extinction under Australia’s national environment law. In the Sydney region, sparse populations of koalas still exist, however, due to urban expansion these populations are increasingly threatened by further habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation, vehicle collisions, dog attacks and disease.

Despite their importance, very little is known about Sydney’s koalas and there’s a consequential lack of ability to make informed land management decisions to help safeguard these populations.

With the support of Adobe, CVA is working to gather this vital information through a citizen science radio tracking program in Campbelltown. We’re also successfully engaging the community in koala education so they can help protect these unique neighbours.

Melbourne’s Bandicoots

Baby Eastern Barred Bandicoots

Baby Eastern Barred Bandicoots

The Eastern Barred Bandicoot (EBB) is currently extinct in the wild and its only chance of survival is through managed captive breeding programs. CVA currently manages two sites in Victoria, which rely almost entirely on community engagement. In 2015-16 Adobe Foundation made sure our volunteers at Woodlands had all they needed while helping out the bandicoots, providing assistance in setting up an education area and (quite importantly) an onsite toilet!

“Since we first released 47 bandicoots into the site at Woodlands in July 2013, we have seen the population thrive and now we have approximately 500 calling Woodlands home. Without the support of partners like Melbourne Airport we quite simply could not carry out this work. Our objective is to take the bandicoot off the endangered list and we are well on our way to achieving this. This would be only the second time in Australia that we would have brought an animal back from extinction in the wild”. Travis Scicchitano, Project Officer – Woodlands, Conservation Volunteers Australia

Get your team involved

Why not get your team out to contribute to local koala conservation and research? To discuss how you can get involved, contact Ebony Fry – Corporate Relations NSW/ACT on 0428 533 002 or [email protected]

For team opportunities at our Woodlands Bandicoot site, Contact Danielle Johnson – National Partnerships Manager on 0400 230 207 or [email protected]