Green Gym Christmas

Green Gym – 12 Days of Christmas

Green Gym is a nature-based health and wellbeing program run by Conservation Volunteers Australia. Imagine an outdoor group session where participants are guided in practical conservation or gardening activities, which improves health and transforms community green spaces.

Here are 12 great reasons to feel healthier and happier through Green Gym:

1. Meet great people.

Join Green Gym for fun and enjoyable activities outdoors, with lots of opportunity social interaction.

2. Feel fitter.

Move more and sit less by finding exercise you enjoy! Get your steps up and elevate your heart rate for around 120 minutes as you tackle weeds and undertake other physical tasks.

3. Learn something new.

Learn or do something new every session in bushcare or even food-growing, along with local info shared on by CVA’s knowledgeable team leader.

4. Take notice of the world around you.

See the word differently; Green Gym helps you take some time to enjoy the moment and your surroundings during each session.

5. Be outside.

Feel alive in the fresh air, sunshine, and maybe even a bit of rain; even 10 minutes in nature is enough to lower blood pressure and make us feel happier.

6. Get stronger.

Digging, lifting and carrying loads and other practical Green Gym activities means you use your muscles and improve strength.

7. Improve your mental wellbeing.

Enhance your mental wellbeing by Connecting with others, Being Active, Learning New Things, Taking Notice of the World and Giving Back to Your Community (the Five Ways to Wellbeing).

8. Build your confidence and self-esteem.

Boost your confidence by learning new skills or expertise, and contribute something meaningful to your community.

9. Your community benefits.

Green Gym helps transform green spaces into vibrant community and natural areas for all.

10. Nature benefits too.

Activities improve biodiversity or focus on other conservation goals. You might also learn other ways to be more sustainable, like growing your own food.

11. It feels good.

It feels good to set goals and accomplish them, so does learning new things, being part of a team, sharing stories with other participants and relaxing outside in therapeutic green spaces.

12. New Year, new you!

Make a resolution to join one of our Green Gyms in January – opportunities currently available in Sydney (open to ages 50+) and Newcastle (for unpaid Carers), or join one of our regular volunteer programs if we don’t have a Green Gym near you yet.