TABCORP volunteers put their skills to the test

Tabcorp put their skills to the test in a hackday for CVA

Whilst a ‘hackday’ to Conservation Volunteers would most likely relate to a day of removing invasive weeds or trees with gardening tools, the recent hackday with Tabcorp was something of a different kind! On Thursday 22nd September, five teams from Tabcorp, a long standing supporter of Conservation Volunteers, held a “hackday”; a design sprint-like event in which teams of developers collaborate intensively on technology initiatives with a bit of healthy competition thrown in.

Each team chose from one of three challenges provided by Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA). Vox pops and sample data were provided to give the team additional intel on the challenges.  From there the teams started work on what was a very long and intensive day of designing, programming and testing.


Half way through the day the teams were given the opportunity to gain some feedback and guidance to ensure they were on the right track with the final pitch being presented late in the afternoon.  The teams only had 6 minutes to pitch their idea and show their prototype.  The judging panel included Andrew Hill from Tabcorp, Evan Kruckow from CVA and Susan Entwhistle from Odecee.  Each team were rated against three key criteria; desirability; viability and feasibility.

The winning team ‘Keno as a Cucumber’ delighted the judges and the audience with the flair of their pitch and the comprehensiveness of their solution (integrated web, IoS, and Android prototype). They showcased how their solution could uplift engagement with stakeholders ahead of, during, and post CVA events utilising open source technology and existing data gathering activities.

The audience showed their good judgement, concurring in the Peoples Choice award. The winning solution will be built out in the coming weeks.

“It was a fantastic day, we really appreciate everyone who has put the effort into thinking about our organisation and how we do things, and trying to solve our problems.  There was some desirability in all, and hard to separate.   As an organisation, we are always looking to grow what we do, choose a solution that fits with where we are going.” Evan Kruckow – Manager Safety & Systems, CVA

“Thanks to the other teams, there are some awesome solutions in there. We had an absolute blast, I really appreciate being part of a company that not only gives us the time to be involved, but actually values it and pushes us to do it. I think that’s incredible.  Thanks to the team, I’m a UX designer, I made some pretty pictures, but these guys did some really, really amazing work today and I’m blown away by them.” Chris Harrison – Captain of the Keno as a Cucumber winning team

“How cool it is that Tabcorp supports their people and puts value on community!”Kristen Steller – Tabcorp organising committee member

“Tabcorp have always been a great supporter of CVA with teams of volunteers heading out each year on our projects.  We were really excited to see the partnership expand to include a skilled volunteering opportunity.  The team invested a huge amount of time and effort into the hackday and we are so excited to see the prototype in action.”  Danielle Johnson – National Partnerships Manager, CVA