Reid Waters Venus Rising

World Water Day 2017

On March 25th Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) took part in World Water Day celebrations hosted by Byron Shire Council. This event was located at the multi award winning Integrated Water Management Reserve, Byron Wetlands. This was a fantastic chance for CVA to engage with locals and visitors alike in the Byron region and promote the many opportunities and experiences available by with CVA.

Activities on the day included Wetland Excursions, riding electric buggies through Byron Bay Wetlands and a Wetland Interpretive Centre tour run by Byron Bird Buddies, a small community education and conservation group focusing on the preservation of habitat for resident and migratory shorebirds. We also experienced the popular Richmond and Brunswick Catchment Model with interactive educational tools and a Water Bug Detective program, learning how to find and identify what bugs are in our waterways and which ones can help in classifying water quality. The day included colouring competitions, basket weaving and Paper Bark Art activities available for participants on the day.

CVA were fortunate enough to form alliances with Local Land Services, ZZZ Radio, Rous Water and Byron Bird Buddies. We look forward to building lasting partnerships which will benefit our region and the unique environments it contains.

Feature image by Reid Waters Venus Rising shows a Jabiru in the Byron Wetlands.