fish need trees

Trees Improve Fish Habitat

Keeping fish habitat healthy starts away from the water in the riparian zone – the trees, shrubs and other plants growing along the edges of waterways and wetlands. Healthy riparian zones stop soil from eroding and washing into waterways creating muddy conditions for fish, prevent the spread of weeds and provide habitat and corridors for animals including native birds, reptiles and mammals.

The Fish Habitat Action Grant, starting in 2017, secured by Conservation Volunteers Australia, will improve riparian zones along 1.4 km of the Wilsons River and protect an adjacent area of floodplain near Lismore, NSW.

The project will provide a healthy riparian zone and adjacent wetlands to deliver benefits to fish habitat including:

  • erosion protection
  • improved water quality (reduced sediment and nutrients)
  • buffering to the surrounding land use
  • shade, cover and water temperature regulation
  • increasing food sources (detritus and insects)
  • habitat in the form of snags (logs, roots, branches and leaves)

This will be achieved by fencing riparian zones and wetlands to protect existing native vegetation, removing pest plants and restoring native vegetation.

For more information about this project, contact our Ballina office.

This Project has been assisted by the NSW DPI Fisheries’ Recreational Fishing Trust’s “Habitat Action Grant Program”