swift parrot

Restoring and Rehabilitating Belmont Wetlands

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), working in partnership with Belmont Wetlands State Park Trust, received a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust to restore threatened species habitat at Belmont Wetlands State Park, south of Newcastle NSW.

CVA and Belmont Wetlands State Park Trust are working together on the project to conserve threatened species, encouraging the community to protect, conserve and restore our valuable natural environment. Belmont Wetlands State Park protects 549 hectares including 4.5 kilometres of coast between Redhead and Belmont to the east of Lake Macquarie. It features 3 SEPP 14 wetlands, 12 vegetation types, 3 Endangered Ecological Communities and habitat for 9 threatened species. SEPP 14 wetlands are significant coastal wetlands that are protected by State Environmental Planning policies.

One threatened species found within the park is the Swift Parrot Lanthamus discolour (pictured). The Swift Parrot is nomadic on the Australian mainland spending months, weeks or sometimes just a couple of hours at a site depending on the supply of nectar. It is pivotal to protect the Swift Parrots habitat as it is classed as Critically Endangered. To find out more about threatened species in the Park please follow this link to a Fact Sheet on Threatened Fauna and Endangered Ecological Communities.

This project was initiated by WetlandCare Australia, now part of Conservation Volunteers Australia.

For more information about this project contact our Newcastle office.