Photo of Aon employees in Brisbane

Aon Charitable Foundation empowers local communities

Aon Charitable Foundation’s Empowering Communities Day 2016 was held this year on June 15th.  A day when Aon employees across Australia engage in charitable activities.  As part of this initiative Aon employees volunteered across a number of states to support Conservation Volunteers Australia threatened species program Wild Futures.                                           ACF-Logo-Concept_9colour

Conservation Volunteers Australia led Aon employees in a range of Wild Futures activities including planting the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly’s food plant at Rivermount College in Brisbane;  removing invasive weeds which threaten the native habitat of the red-crowned Toadlet in Sydney at Bradleys Head and seed collection to propagate native plants for the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo in Perth.

“I would just like to firstly thank Conservation Volunteers Australia for the opportunity to get out of the city, and give us an office with views that are definitely worth bragging about. It was an absolutely fantastic day, and a good opportunity to get our hands dirty. It was an opportunity to get out and amongst the weeds as it were, giving back a little of our time to help build a better environment for the future.” Corbin Badrian, Service Specialist, Aon, Perth.

Aon Charitable Foundation’s support contributes to our Wild Futures efforts

Our Wild Futures program contributes to wildlife conservation in a simple yet powerful way. We have chosen to work with a handful of threatened species to which we can provide real help. We work with their Recovery Teams and in accordance with their management plans we identify the expert-approved actions that lend themselves to ongoing community involvement. When volunteers roll up their sleeves to plant a tree, tag a turtle or repair a predator-proof fence, we know that we are making a real difference to the future of our chosen wildlife. We know that with this support we are giving these animals brighter, wilder futures.

Aon Charitable Foundation have been a Wild Futures partner since 2009 and their employees have volunteered at numerous hands on conservation projects alongside our community volunteers. Their support makes a real difference to native Australian species – including Eastern Barred Bandicoot, Powerful Owl and the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo.

In the past year, 100 Aon employees have volunteered

Eastern Barred Bandicoot at Woodlands Historic Park

Eastern Barred Bandicoot at Woodlands Historic Park

Some of the significant environmental conservation programs Aon have contributed to include:

  • Tree planting at Bradleys Head, Sydney to reduce the risk of native plant and animal species being lost through soil erosion and weed invasion.
  • Seed collection to propagate seedlings for the Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo in Shenton Bushland, Perth.
  • Planting native seedlings and surveying the Eastern Barred Bandicoot population at Woodlands Historic Park, Melbourne.

It is through support from organisations such as Aon Charitable Foundation, that Conservation Volunteers Australia is able to continue our vital environmental and wildlife conservation projects.

If your company would like to explore opportunities to partner with Conservation Volunteers Australia, please contact our partnership team.