Gallipoli Volunteer Team 2016

Join the 2017 Gallipoli volunteer team

Applications are now open for the 2017 Gallipoli Volunteer Team.

Each year 30 volunteers travel to Turkey for the experience of a lifetime as a Gallipoli Volunteer. Conservation Volunteers is the provider of the Gallipoli Volunteer program for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

The 2017 Gallipoli Volunteer Program enables you to experience Gallipoli and the commemorative services in a unique way.  You are more than a visitor; you are part of organising of the services.

Volunteers activities include bus and visitor registration, wrist banding visitors entering the commemorative site, distributing information kits, caring for Assisted Mobility visitors and assisting visitor bus departures after the services.

Leading up to the commemorative services volunteers are provided an in depth experience of the Gallipoli peninsula.  Volunteers will also get a taste of Turkey with visits to Ephesus and Pergamum ancient World Heritage sites.


To make an application and for further program information go to

See past volunteer comments

AMAZING!! I knew it was going to be amazing but it exceeded all my expectations. I will look back on this trip for my whole life and be thankful to have had the opportunity. I can’t say thankyou enough to CV” – Rebekah

“To be given the opportunity to attend the centenary of the ANZAC’s battle in Gallipoli is priceless. To be able to have this opportunity and play a role filled me with national pride. From the bottom of my heart – thankyou to the Leaders and the team for providing me this privilege.” – Matt

The commemoration is difficult to put into words, superb, brilliant, exceptional do not describe this trip sufficiently. This is the trip of a lifetime, and one to treasure for a lifetime. The experience was very professional, inclusions outstanding, tour point made very special by guides and experienced CVA folk. – Shaun