Students from Altona North at Paisley Challis Wetlands - Melbourne at the Victorian Wetland Care launch sponsored by ExxonMobil

Explore our new Victorian Wetland Care teacher resource and study pack

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Victorian Wetland Care program in collaboration with ExxonMobil. Wetlands are among the most important life support systems on Earth and are a critical part of our natural environment. Wetlands provide habitat for waterbirds, fish and hundreds of bird species, and create a food source for a large variety of native animals. The Victorian Wetland Care program aims, through on-ground actions and community education programs, to assist vital wetland systems to provide habitat for animals and plants within wetland sites of international significance within the Hobsons Bay City Council and in Gippsland.

Altona primary children at the Victorian Wetland Care launch

Altona primary students identifying wetland birds spieces on their treasure hunt information sheet at Paisley Challis Reserve

The Victorian Wetland Care program comprises a teacher resource and a study pack that highlights the diversity in Victorian wetlands, and assists Year 4 students to learn about ecosystems and the interrelations of plants and animals. CVA will also undertake school visits, providing an additional information pack with a bird species Treasure Hunt for students to use during nature walks in their local wetlands.

The program was launched today at the Paisley Challis Reserve, in the western suburbs of Melbourne, with students from the local Altona Primary School. Teacher Kerryn Massey accompanied a group of her students who are currently studying the environment and were keen to hear about the importance of their local wetlands.  Following the formalities the students were taken on a guided treasure hunt using the school resources that have been made available through this program.

Attendeees at Paisley Challis Reserve, Victorian Wetland Care Program launch

Sandra Wilson – Deputy Mayor Councillor for Cherry Lake Ward, David Schuller – Safety, Security, Health and Environment Manager Mobil Altona Refinery, Chris Eddy – Chief Executive Officer, Hobsons Bay City Council, Andrew Webster – Conservation Ranger Hobsons Bay City Council, Ian Smith – National Business Development Manager Conservation Volunteers Australia, Tim Watts – Federal Member for Gellibrand, Frank Fardell – Team Leader Hobsons Bay City Council and students from Altona Primary School.

The program will focus on two Ramsar listed wetlands. The Paisley Challis Wetlands are located in the Hobsons Bay area of western Melbourne. The wetlands contain native grasslands, which provide habitat for the endangered Altona Skipper Butterfly and more than 200 species of birds. The Sale Common Nature Conservation Reserve is managed by Parks Victoria and covers more than 300 hectares. The majority of the Reserve consists of freshwater marsh, along with River Red Gum woodlands. As well as supporting a diverse range of fauna and flora, these wetlands provide recreational spaces for local community members. There is a need to protect these important species through managing weeds, fencing sensitive areas, planting trees and mulching.

The Victorian Wetland Care Program is managed by Conservation Volunteers Australia in consultation with Parks Victoria and Hobsons Bay City Council. The project is funded by ExxonMobil Australia, a long term supporter of Conservation Volunteers Australia.

If you would like to find out more about this program or your school is interested in CVA visiting please contact the Partnerships team on 1800 032 501.

Interested in volunteering at one of community days?  Our next community day at Paisley Challis is this Sunday 29th May.