The Tiger Quoll just one of our focus threatened species in the Rewilding the Desert program. Photo: Lucia Griggi

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This chapter of our story is titled ‘Rewilding the Desert’, and you can write yourself into the pages by showing your support through a tax deductible donation before 30th June, 2016.  All donations received over $2 are fully deductible in your 2015/16 Australian tax return.

The Little Desert and Salvana Story

The unique Little Desert Mallee Fowl mound

The unique Little Desert Mallee Fowl mound

Chapter one commenced in 2013 when CVA took ownership of two parcels of land located in Lemon Springs and Middlegate, thanks to the support of kind donors and a generous bequest. These properties are close to the Little Desert National Park and our Little Desert Nature Lodge.  Now known as the ‘Salvana Conservation Reserve’ (affectionately referred to as ‘Salvana’), buying this land was the first step, in CVA’s rare chance to develop an important biodiversity corridor, totalling some 1,430 hectares, and more importantly, create an essential conservation link of the western and central parts of the Little Desert National Park.

‘Salvana’ commenced chapter two in 2014, becoming the cornerstone of our in depth research and planning to conserve and extend this biodiverse landscape. Salvana provides a haven for threatened species like the Malleefowl and Silky Mouse, and leads us to our next exciting chapter, ‘Rewilding the Desert’.

The natural beauty of the Little Desert Landscape

The natural beauty of the Little Desert Landscape

Rewilding the Desert

Rewilding the Desert aims to conserve a suite of nationally threatened fauna, including the Western Quoll (pictured above) and Numbat, and further restore the ecology of this ancient desert landscape.

Conservation Volunteers is partnering with Fauna Research Alliance on this flagship program, which unites and builds upon the roles and functions both people and species play in ecosystems. We are planning a range of programs and activities to once again bring the Little Desert into sustainable balance.

Our committed teams of volunteers, guided by our expert staff, are already undertaking vital activities at Little Desert and Salvana. Your support today will ensure we can take the the next essential steps in this ground breaking program, including:

  • Completing comprehensive biodiversity surveys on the area’s flora and fauna. These provide baseline data, which we will use along with ongoing monitoring as part of our conservation management.
  • Further expert development of the Rewilding the Desert Conservation Management Plan to ensure best conservation practices remain core to the program.
  • Undertaking careful removal and control of introduced flora and the reestablishment of native flora, for improved fauna habitat and ecosystems.

    The beautiful red-beaked orchid emerging in the desert landscape.

    The beautiful red-beaked orchid emerging in the desert landscape.

  • Ongoing effective management of pest animals to protect native fauna, and prepare the site for our rewilding project.

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