Melbourne Green Army Participant in 2015

From South Sudan to the Green Army – an interview with Langchok Teirkath

Although Langchok has been in Australia only for one year, he’s quickly dived into his new community by joining the Green Army to work on local environmental projects.  We took the opportunity to ask him how he came to join the Green Army, and find out what he’s working on.

Langchok Teirkath is one of Conservation Volunteers Australia‘s Melbourne Green Army participants and is the heart and soul of his Green Army team who are currently working to Rehabilitate of Maribyrnong River.

19 year old Langchok was born in South Sudan where he completed his early schooling while helping his family on their small farm. He later moved to Kenya with his sister and four brothers to complete his high schooling before moving to Australia.

Green Army Participant, Lanchock preparing an area for planting

Green Army Participant, Langchok preparing an area for planting

Langchok has been interested in the community and the environment from a young age. Langchok fell in love with conservation and land management through working on his family farm in South Sudan where it was a huge priority to ensure their property maintained high soil fertility for growing crops. He has also volunteered with local organisations to raise awareness of HIV/Aids in his local community.

Langchok views volunteering as a great way to get involved and give back to the local community while also developing new skills. Since coming to Australia he has continued volunteer in his local community. His desire to contribute to his community was a driving factor in getting involved in Green Army.

Langchok loves being a part of a Green Army team. He likes working closely with other participants that are of a similar age and have similar interests, he has created many lifelong friends along the way. Langchok is also inspired by his supervisors, who he says remind him of his father.

Langchok has an amazing character with a great sense of humour and a great work ethic to match his huge heart. He is so full of gratitude at the opportunity to take part in the Green Army programme and is growing from strength to strength through the course of his participation. When his Green Army project finishes in March 2016, Langchok would like to keep contributing to Conservation Volunteers in return for providing him with the opportunity to receive training and hands on skills. He can also see himself completing further studies in the conservation and the environment in the future.

We’d like to thank him for all his hard work.

The Green Army is a great opportunity for Australians from all backgrounds.  If you’re aged 17-24, and you’re a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, you can help make a difference.  Want to get involved? Apply now.