One of our new 'cleanskin' Eastern Barred Bandicoot, bred at Woodlands.

Healthy Bandicoots Continue to Thrive!

Microchips for Woodlands Eastern Barred bandicoots

Part of our new Microchip supply for our new additions to Woodlands.

A report fromTravis Scicchitano, Woodlands Project Officer.

I was going about my daily morning perimeter fence patrol when I was stopped by two 6 foot males. These two were certainly in for some trouble, so I tried to stay back from them. I managed to catch images of these two boys on my phone.

As you can see it was quite the battle – as these two male Eastern Grey Kangaroos fought for breeding rights within their mob. We always talk about kangaroos in our safety assessment before we can start any work, …you can now understand why!

Now back to our Eastern Barred Bandicoots and exciting news from our spring monitoring for this year. As the daylight hours have grown longer, the precious darkness used for looking for food and trapping has been made harder. In October last year we recorded 57 individuals. This year we blew this record out of the water with the recording of 110 bandicoots. With the dry winter and spring and limited food supplies, we are also happy to say that all the bandicoots passed their health checks and all showed great body condition.

We recorded a very healthy female population, with 12 individuals hiding 23 pouch young, and another 24 showing they have recently said good bye to their – now independent babies. This data was supported by the capture of 50 never before caught bandicoots, which were luck to get one of our new microchips. The new scanner that came with the microchips uploads the data directly to our records, helping with our record keeping and research (We’ve posted a video a chipped bandicoot being released if you’d like to watch this).

We will continue maintain the grasslands this summer, as they will become essential in the survival of the bandicoots on-site. This maintenance of the grasslands will undoubtedly impact on the results of our next monitoring session in April 2016.

At the moment we are growing in the right direction with our bandicoot numbers, and thank everyone who helps to make this program successful, from our volunteers right through to our donors, who make the program sustainable.


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