Woodside employees celebrating a day of planting to help stabilise the dunes and improve coastal habitat at Rottnest Island.

Woodside Coastal Guardians will continue its coastal rehabilitation program for a further 18 months

Woodside logoConservation Volunteers Australia is pleased to announce that Woodside will be supporting the Coastal Guardians program for a further 18 months.

Launched in 2011 in partnership with Woodside, Coastal Guardians is a multifaceted coastal conservation program, uniting government, environmentalists and individuals across Western Australia for the protection of Western Australia’s coastline.

Coastal Guardians

Coastal Guardians is addressing threats to priority hotspots of the Western Australian coastline, by delivering both direct action and building community capacity.

Conservation programs undertaking priority conservation activities at key coastal sites across the West Australian coastline are supported by managed teams of community members and hundreds of Woodside employees. In addition to providing financial support, Woodside employees have volunteered over ten thousand hours to coastal conservation projects.

Coastal Guardians is an evolution of the Conservation Volunteers Australia and Woodside Coastal Conservation Program, which was the winner of the Coastal Marine and Estuarine Category in the 2009 W.A. Environment Awards.  From 2011 – 2013, Coastal Guardians focus was at a national level, offering support to coastlines around Australia. Since 2014, Coastal Guardians has focused on Western Australian coastlines, delivering coastal conservation projects from north to the south.

 “The City values the input the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program contributes.  Recently the Woodside volunteers participated in a project to spread mulch around new plants as part of a revegetation program and remove weeds in the Manning Park area of the Beeliar Regional Park.   The City of Cockburn appreciates the involvement of the Woodside teams and looks forward to continuing the partnership in the protection of our coasts.” Linda Metz, City of Cockburn

“Through the assistance of the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program and Conservation Volunteers Australia, the City of Fremantle was able to implement a dune rehabilitation project to minimise erosion impacts on the coastal dunes.  Woodside volunteers installed erosion control matting, laid brushing to trap sand then constructed fences to control pedestrian access to the area. The City of Fremantle values the outputs from the Woodside Coastal Guardians Program as they contribute to better management of our beaches and improvements to our coastal environment.” – Katrina Sachse, City of Fremantle

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