News & Community February Issue 7: Celebrating Wetlands, Transforming Waste, and Expanding Partnerships

A group of CVA staff and volunteers celebrating World Wetlands Day 2024.

CVA staff and volunteers celebrating World Wetlands Day at Avalon Coastal Reserve, Victoria.

In this month’s recap of community and citizen-led projects at CVA, we’re reminiscing on the fantastic volunteering project in Rockdale, Sydney, with a guest appearance by Banish. February 2024 was also bustling, with our renewed partnership with Chevron, our feature in the Let’s Dive In podcast, and numerous other activities and workshops our team organised nationwide.

World Wetlands Day at Hawthorne Reserve, Sydney

On World Wetlands Day, we had the immense pleasure of hosting a joyous volunteering event at the stunning Hawthorne Reserve, a gem nestled within the Rockdale Wetlands Corridor. This green oasis, tucked away in the heart of Sydney, is a mother lode of ecological treasures, offering sanctuary to a diverse array of threatened species and ecological communities.

The event had an abundance of exciting activities. Participants, with their enthusiasm soaring high, rolled up their sleeves and planted native flora, breathing life back into the wetlands.

CVA planting natives in Hawthorn Reserve.

CVA Volunteers planting natives in Hawthorn Reserve, part of the crucial Rockdale Wetlands Corridor.

One of the day’s unforgettable highlights was a guided tour led by local experts. Their profound knowledge and passion for wetlands, woven into tales and trivia, unravelled the secret life of these important ecosystems. It was an eye-opening experience that deepened our respect and appreciation for the wetlands.

We were also joined by NSW Young Australian of the Year, Lottie Dalziel, founder of the Banish Program. She demonstrated how to transform plastic waste into new products, right before our eyes! Her presentation was a powerful reminder that we can all play a part in reducing plastic waste at home.

One of the most heartening aspects of the day was the broad spectrum of volunteers who turned up to help. From youngsters to seniors, people from every walk of life were united by their love for nature. Amid laughter, new friendships blossomed and 700 seedlings found a new home in the earth.

A before and after photo of the volunteering planting at Hawthorn Reserve.


Expansion of the “Revive Our Wetlands” and “Urban Shade Project” with Chevron Australia

We’re pleased to announce the expansion of our Revive Our Wetlands and Urban Shade Project, thanks to our partner, Chevron Australia. Since 2008, over 20,000 volunteers have helped us make significant contributions to Australian conservation. Read more about our renewed partnership.

Fanny, Head of Experience at CVA, on the Let’s Dive In Podcast

Join Fanny de Busserolles’ (PhD) fascinating journey with Dekota from the “Let’s Dive In” Podcast. Discover her incredible research on deep-sea creatures and their exceptional vision. As part of our World Ocean Day collaboration, we delve deeper into our World Ocean Day Down Under campaign, discussing upcoming events that bring volunteers closer to our oceans. Listen to it right here.

Get ready for our SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge

Download the CVA Community App to access volunteering events near you, and be the first to hear about our new SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge at home (coming very soon!). Download the app here.



Contribute and partner in real actions for nature

Nature is facing significant challenges that are serious, real, global, and urgent. If your business isn’t addressing this, it has to be. We can assist by providing programs that target areas where your employees and customers reside and work.

By partnering with us, you can contribute to positive, impactful, and measurable actions for nature across Australia. You can allocate your resources or donations towards addressing the most pressing environmental challenges of our time.

“With our partners at Conservation Volunteers we have been able to create homes for our native species and help restore koala habitat by planting over 60,000 trees to date. The journey has just begun, and is a long road ahead but we are pleased with this tremendous progress and the ability to engage our NRMA customers along the way.”

– Katherine White, Marketing Partnerships, IAG