News and Community November Issue 1

Looking back on the Launch of Nature Blocks™ in Melbourne

On 24 August, the Nature Blocks™ campaign was launched in Melbourne with great enthusiasm. This initiative, a collaboration between Conservation Volunteers Australia, Yarra Trams, and the Bupa Foundation, introduced a wave of nature-inspired positivity to the city.

A tram, adorned with vibrant illustrations and the stirring call to action, “Build Back Nature”, added colour and creativity to the city streets.

Nature Blocks is a national campaign that encourages every Australian to help restore and rejuvenate our country’s unique biodiversity. By promoting connections with nature, this campaign fosters a sense of unity and commitment to preserving our environment.

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You can watch the video of our launch here ⬇️

Personal Experiences and Getting Involved

Melbourne resident Lizzie Tota, from Bupa, shared her personal connection to nature during an interview. She revealed how being in nature enhances her wellbeing and how creating a Nature Block could ease her eco-anxiety.

My whole life, I’ve been out in nature,” she says. “Whether it’s at the beach or going for hikes with my family, I feel a bit more peace when I’m in nature. It relieves a bit of the stress of the everyday world.” However, she also acknowledged that climate change causes her significant stress and anxiety.

Here’s our interview with Lizzie talking about wellbeing and how Nature Blocks can help. ⬇️

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How to Engage with Nature Blocks™

Nature Blocks responds to the urgent need to protect and restore nature. It also provides a fun way to engage with nature and enhance personal wellbeing.

Our new CVA Community Hub app connects you with local conservation opportunities and guides you in creating your own Nature Block.

The essence of Nature Blocks is to rebuild our biodiversity. By cultivating a small patch of nature at home, work, or a community garden, you can make an important difference. This activity can also be enjoyable and can involve kids, neighbours, or colleagues in a Nature Blocks party where everyone brings plants to plant.

Biodiversity everywhere, by everyone and for everyone!