News and Community February Issue 5: World Wetlands Day 2024

On February 2nd, we celebrate the beauty and importance of our wetlands. Small yet mighty, they only make up 6% of Earth’s surface but absorb carbon 40x faster than rainforests. 🌿

However, wetlands are under threat and disappearing rapidly. Since 1900, we’ve lost a distressing 64% of these critical ecosystems.

How You Can Contribute πŸ€πŸŽ‰

Wondering how you can contribute to saving the wetlands? Join local wetland conservation events. These gatherings are not only educational but also offer a fun, hands-on experience in caring for these ecosystems:

Join our Wetland Photography Competition πŸ“Έ

Our Wetland Photography Competition is still open for entries until March 1, 2024! This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase and appreciate the stunning beauty of our wetlands. Despite the ongoing global decline of these vital ecosystems, we remain hopeful because of your active participation.

So, grab your camera and capture the unique charm of your local wetland! Not only do you get to share its beauty with the world, but you also stand a chance to win a $500 voucher. Plus, your participation contributes to our crucial conservation efforts. Let’s celebrate our wetlands together!

Fight Plastic Pollution From Your Own Home πŸ’ͺ🏼🏑

We understand that in the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be challenging to volunteer and make a significant impact on the environment. That’s why at CVA, we’re excited to roll out our SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge!

This new initiative is designed to make climate action accessible from the comfort of your own home. You see, the origin of plastic pollution is closer than you think β€” our homes. With 87% of Australians living near the ocean or rivers and wetlands that are integral to Australia’s health and 80% of ocean plastics originating from our rivers, creeks, and stormwater systems, we’re all part of the solution.

This mid-February, we’re releasing the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge on our CVA Community app. The challenge? Just two hours of your time to audit your home plastic waste and make a massive, earth-changing impact.

Remember, the fight against plastic pollution begins at home and there’s absolutely nothing to lose!