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There are many ways to take practical action for nature, and you’ll find our top picks on this page. Find one that sounds like you, and become an everyday hero for nature, a nature steward.


Get some in-person inspiration from an expert

Conservation Volunteers Australia regularly hosts events where qualified experts guide groups of enthusiastic people to restore or revive special locations across the country. Help nature, have fun and take away some new skills that you can use back at home or in your own community. For free.

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Get active for nature

Conservation Volunteers Australia also guides large events where you can be part of helping nature and biodiversity where you live. It’s an easy way to make a big difference as an individual or with friends and family.

Find the next event coming up near you or suggest one that will help your own favourite part of nature.



CVA encourages and nurtures people to act for nature by going beyond traditional volunteering to develop leadership capacity and influence others for the benefit of nature.

We do this by facilitating both in-person and online volunteer activities that benefit both nature and the community. Through this approach, participants can attain valuable knowledge, improve their leadership abilities, and gain the confidence to inspire others to prioritize the well-being of nature and the community.


Nature Ambassadors

Nature Ambassadors are people who play a leadership role for nature. They demonstrate to others how to take actions that promote nature stewardship. At CVA, Nature Ambassadors have the opportunity to belong to a community where they can help others, make connections, and contribute to the environment. CVA brings together these inspiring individuals and provides them with the necessary resources to be agents of change.


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Restore bushland and enhance local leadership

The Bushfire Local Economic Recovery (BLER) project is jointly funded by the Commonwealth and the New South Wales Government under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements. The project aims to restore and protect fire-affected bushland, identify environmental and social needs for recovery and deliver enrichment programs for community members and leaders. 

The project is being delivered in three bushfire–affected regions, Richmond Valley, Tweed Shire and the Blue Mountains LGAs. Conservation Volunteers Australia, working together with communities from those regions, aims to tailor the enrichment program to the needs of the three communities whilst working closely with regional councils and local organisations to better understand how communities can unite for a resilient future. We call these programs The Grass Tree Fellowship.

The Grass Tree Fellowship: Driving positive change through leadership 

Working on a collaborative approach, we’ve been out talking with rural communities affected by challenges such as bushfire and flood and gathering information on what’s most important to them. Through community consultations, we developed a program that builds social-ecological resilience in disaster-impacted communities, focusing on capacities that the communities have identified as important to be prepared for the future.  

The Grass Tree Fellowship program has been developed for community members, with community input and feedback built into the design. Our goal is to support local people to give them a leg up, provide skills training to better support their communities.    


Find out more about the Grass Tree Fellowship Program

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Channel your inner scientist

Conservation researchers need your help! There are projects all over Australia that need an extra pair of hands, eyes or ears to collect or analyse photos, videos or other data. Some of this is out in the real world, but some of it can even be done online from the comfort of your couch!

Want to know more about Australia’s amazing plants and animals? Try a little citizen science with CVA by exploring nature where you live. Learn some ‘citsci’ skills and help us restore nature as a wildlife spotting volunteer.

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Act for nature, live better

We’ve put together a choice of simple things you can do to make your home, garden, street and neighbourhood a nicer place to be.

You can find them on our Nature Stewards community platform giving you video tutorials, links to experts and your community to help you take action for nature. It’s easier than you might expect.

Want to know how your dog can be a Nature Dog?

Keen on getting some more wild neighbours around by using a Nature Block?

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