Threatened species

Build biodiversity and support threatened species by helping to create millions of urban habitats with Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Australia is blessed with unique species and ecosystems, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. We are the lucky country when it comes to the variety of life, our biodiversity.

However, we also have a poor record of looking after our native species, with the worst rate of mammal extinction in the world. 


CVA, Zoos Vic and University of Melbourne rescue the Eastern Barred Bandicoot

CVA works with the community and our partners to provide practical support for threatened species, like regenerating bushland wildlife habitats, restoring wetlands, or making our suburbs and cities more biodiverse, and bringing nature closer to home.

Getting people involved in Nature Blocks, planting urban shade in our cities, or acting for nature through citizen science, contributes to real change for our threatened species and connects people with nature.

It’s all part of taking better care of nature. 

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Urban habitats

Two-thirds of Australians live in our cities and major towns. This is a massive opportunity for us to come together as Nature Stewards to do something good for nature in our backyards, towns, and cities by creating native habitats and restoring biodiversity where we live.

Our backyards and balconies can be a place where our native species can find a home alongside us, creating richer environments for us all and improving our well-being.

We know spending time in nature is beneficial to our physical and mental health, so taking action for nature is a win/win for everyone. 

Nature needs urgent protection and restoration, and the Australian government has committed to protecting 30% of our natural places by 2030.

We can each do our bit for nature by creating urban habitats for our native wildlife and biodiversity by dedicating a bit of our space to planting and building Nature Blocks where we live. 


Nature Blocks start with as little as 1 square metre dedicated to native species. This can be on your balcony, backyard, nature strip – even your office courtyard or common space.

It can start with planting a pollinator garden for butterflies and birds, planting native grasses for your bandicoot neighbors to hide in, creating a rain garden to help frogs and keep our waterways clean, or installing a nest box for your local possum and bats to call home.

We can be part of protecting and restoring nature by dedicating 30% of our balcony, backyard, or nature strip to Nature Blocks and growing from there.  

Help native species near you, create a Nature Block where you live.


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Biodiverse habitats

Biodiversity is essential to resilient healthy ecosystems, communities, and life on Earth. A biologically rich and diverse continent, Australia is one of only 17 countries listed as megadiverse.

However, we are also facing a biodiversity and extinction crisis with catastrophic declines in local plants, animals, and ecosystems.

This presents a major threat to humanity, including our economy, food systems, water, and health. 


There are practical ways we can all be part of helping to restore native habitats and biodiversity where we live.

Volunteer with CVA as a Nature Steward. You can join us on the ground restoring habitat for our unique native species like the Glossy Black Cockatoo or Eastern Barred Bandicoot, reviving wetlands, and doing your bit at home by building Nature Blocks for biodiversity in your backyard, nature strip or balcony. 


Explore CVA’s volunteer portal for on-ground events.

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