CVA’s Nature Block activities helps you reconnect with your community and nature right where you live.

With more than 370 threatened animal species living in Australian cities and many under pressure from habitat loss, Australians can protect and restore the homes of their local wildlife, re-connecting with nature and our local community.

By taking part in Nature Blocks, people can make their homes, streets, and neighbourhoods more wildlife friendly and biodiverse. Bringing back wildlife to your neighbourhood starts with establishing a nature block on your balcony, nature strip, back yard, or community garden – as little as a square metre can make a difference.

Whether it be butterfly-friendly backyards, native bee hotels and native wildflower strips, creating nature blocks for your wild neighbours is a practical way you can help reconnect nature, one block at a time, helping your community, wildlife and biodiversity.

Tending to a nature block for My Wild Neighbours


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By getting together with others in the community or on your own at home, you can help wildlife find refuge and move more easily through our suburbs, into remaining bush and wetlands. Join us and learn more as we get started in the grasslands of North Melbourne, home to rare plants and loveable animals like butterflies, ringtail possums, sugar gliders and the eastern barred bandicoot.


Why join?

Joining the community will give you access to a range of experiences, knowledge, guidance and support networks which are not found anywhere else.

We are creating a community of like-minded people who care enough to make a difference, starting with a special event series to help you make connections, learn new skills, and give you all the advice and support you need to establish a native wildlife habitat – no matter how big or small your space is, or whether you’re renting or own your own home.

Share your hopes, knowledge and ideas with a welcoming community, starting with our first event at Woodlands Historic Park where you’ll get to meet our experienced field staff who look after the grasslands and the bandicoots that call them home.

Sign up for more information and we’ll send you an invitation to our first gathering in Northern Melbourne and how to get involved in future events including a native plant nursery visit, free vouchers and instructions for how to build wildlife habitat for your garden.



Why care?

Did you know Australia holds the unenviable record for the largest number of mammal and bird extinctions in the world? Our wild places and native species face significant pressures from a range of threats including the loss of habitat in fast growing urban growth corridors such as those on the endangered grassy woodland plains around Melbourne.

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Keen to find out more about how to create homes for wildlife whilst also connecting with neighbours and your broader community? Register your interest and we'll share information and an invitation to the events.