Nature Ambassadors

Nature Ambassadors act in the community and environment, inspiring others to make a difference too. Whether it’s organizing a community clean-up, sharing how to reduce waste, or planting a Nature Block, Nature Ambassadors lead the way, guiding others to get involved and make a positive social and environmental impact on the world around us.


Nature Ambassadors in 2023

In 2023, CVA is fostering a group of motivated and engaged volunteers who are already part of Nature Blocks and supporting them to become leaders in their community. These ambassadors will spearhead efforts to increase engagement with Nature Blocks, promote greater well-being, and encourage collaboration and action for the environment.


The CVA Academy

The CVA Academy is an online facilitated community hub that provides support for individuals looking to take action for the environment. The Academy offers practical learning and sharing opportunities with like-minded people to develop skills, confidence and networks for greater social and environmental impact. Members can participate in on-ground events, online learning and sharing, and take charge of actions in local communities.

The Nature Ambassadors Academy is through the generous support from our partners.


The #SeaToSource Nature Ambassador Program

 In 2022 Nature Ambassadors took action through CVA’s #SeaToSource program, supporting people around the country to tackle one of the world’s most solvable environmental issues – ocean litter.  


We started with a small core group of like-minded people who forged a new purposeful way of environmental volunteering, making a positive and lasting impact in their communities.  


Nature Ambassadors developed their understanding of the complex issue of plastic ocean litter through a series of online courses and face-to-face workshops. They collaborated with their local community to co-design and implement Community Action Plans, aimed at tackling problematic single-use plastic items in their communities such as coffee cups. 


Nature Ambassadors also made important contributions to CSIRO’s Marine Debris database through conducting and leading quarterly CSIRO litter surveys, building their citizen science and leadership skills. 


#SeaToSource is supported as part of $5 million grant funding from the Australian Government’s Environment Restoration Fund Program.