Native Australian plants for your Nature Block

Feel like getting out in the fresh air and getting your hands a bit dirty?

Always been curious about native plants and how to plant more in your outdoor space? Read on for our helpful guide to get you on your way to a thriving native garden that will see all the bees, birds and butterflies come fluttering in!

Check out our super useful guide to planting native Australian plants in your backyards, balconies, community gardens or even workplaces.

Before we go on, take a step outside and assess your space (or just think about it if you can’t get outside right now):

  1. How much sun is there? How does it change during the day?
  2. What sort of animals and insects would you like to attract?
  3. Do you want to plant directly in the ground or in a pot?

This legend will help you identify which plants are best for you as you scroll through.


Native Australian Plant Guide

Native Australian Plant Guide: Legend


Quick note:

Some groups of plants (e.g. gum trees and wattles) may have species that are considered weeds in your area. Talk to your native nursery to get help with choosing something local.


Native Australian plant guide: Trees and shrubs

native australian plant guidenative australian plant guide

australian native plants guide

Native Australian plants guide: Wildflowers and groundcovers



australian native plant guide

So can you decide which are best for your space? We know it’s hard to choose. That’s why we’ve created an app to help guide you to your very own thriving natural garden at home – check it out for lots more ideas and support.


Download the CVA Community Hub App here


For more information on native plants and their suitability, visit your local indigenous nursery or ask one of our CVA officers at [email protected]


PS. Can you spot any of these on our beautiful tram wrap? Let us know at [email protected]

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