National Volunteer Week 2021

As an organisation, we stand on the shoulders of our volunteers who make what we do possible. 

This #NationalVolunteerWeek we want to take a moment to thank every volunteer – future, past and present – for the time, energy and passion they have put into the work we’ve achieved together. 

Habitat has been restored for threatened species; litter has been eliminated from our beaches; ecosystems have been rebalanced and communities have been both educated and inspired – and that’s just a quick glance at what’s been achieved by the CVA volunteer community. 

For us, the term volunteer isn’t limited to those wearing a yellow vest either. Our volunteers span time zones and locations. They’re both in person and online, they’re the ones getting their hands dirty and those with the cameras documenting our events. Volunteers are all of us choosing to take action for nature every day through the decisions we make to positively impact the natural world around us. 

So for that, we thank you. 

Would you like to volunteer with us? Check out a few of the options below: 

1) Citizen Science 

Through citizen science activities, you can gather observations and data and share it easily with researchers, playing a role in reviewing information for research teams who are doing the vital work of informing how recovery projects should work. 


2) #SeaToSource beach & waterways clean ups 

Why a focus on ocean litterThe litter in our waterways and oceans is around 60-95% plastic which we know has disastrous impact on the environment and the animals that call these places home. So, we’re committed to reducing the amount of plastic litter entering our creeks, rivers and oceans. Find out how you can help in our nationwide #SeaToSource project!


3) Habitat restoration for koalas  

As a result of the devastating bushfires that tore throughout the country during the summer of 2019/2020, there’s been a serious impact on both habitat and population loss for our nation’s iconic marsupial. Find out how you can get involved in restoring koala habitat through our project supported by NRMA Insurance.


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