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CVA welcomes World Ocean Day Down Under

Conservation Volunteers Australia welcomes World Ocean Day Down Under

Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) is thrilled to announce a landmark national partnership with World Ocean Day, ushering in the inaugural World Ocean Day Down Under. As the summer sun shines over Australia, this initiative aims to enhance the sustainable practices championed by communities, businesses, and governmental bodies across the country.

A Pioneering Partnership for Marine Health

Our CEO, Phil Harrison, expresses pride in CVA’s role as World Ocean Day‘s first official “National Partner” — a significant stride towards empowering communities to nurture healthier oceans for future generations. Given that most Australians live near vital water systems, and with a substantial amount of oceanic plastic originating from inland waters, proactive engagement is crucial.

“Almost all Australians (87%) live close to the ocean or to the rivers and wetlands that are integral to the health of Australia’s coast while the majority (80%) of the plastics that plague the ocean originate in rivers, creeks, and storm water systems.

World Ocean Day Down Under is an invitation for Australians to implement straightforward yet influential actions to aid ocean health and climate stability. It’s a segment of the broader “ocean 365” strategy, promoting perpetual oceanic and climatic consciousness and activities.

Engaging Youth in Ocean Stewardship

Bill Mott, Executive Director of World Ocean Day, commends the partnership, particularly CVA’s focus on youth involvement in conservation—resonating deeply with World Ocean Day’s goals. This alliance is set to inspire young Australians to lead and partake in events and activities that advocate for environmental protection throughout the year.

“World Ocean Day is excited to partner with CVA as its first authorised national partner. CVA’s commitment to engaging youth in conservation activities aligns perfectly with World Ocean Day’s primary target audience. The organisations are jointly working to engage with young people, supporting them to play an active role in World Ocean Day and ocean conservation throughout the year. This includes both participating in and leading events and activities in their communities to inspire environmental action.”

People enjoying a day at the beach

Action and Advocacy: The Cornerstones of Change

Our CEO, Phil Harrison, underscores the pressing need for immediate action to safeguard marine environments and, by extension, Australian communities.

“The best solutions to the challenges facing the ocean and climate are developed through communities, supported by business, and with a robust and systemic policy framework. Communities are at the heart of creating positive impact at scale.”

An example is the SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge, designed to make beach clean-ups a thing of the past, and complements CVA’s contribution to national projects such as the CSIRO’s National Plastic Pollution Survey.

In the past three years alone, these efforts have resulted in over 11,000 volunteers removing more than 299,300 plastic items from beaches and rivers around Australia.

People collecting plastic waste on the beach

Join the Movement for a Sustainable Ocean Future

The collective actions of individuals, communities, organisations, and all levels of government will do more to protect and restore marine ecosystems than any single policy initiative. It is clear that a healthy ocean is critical for a healthy climate and vice versa.

By working together, CVA and World Ocean Day can ensure that everyone continues to enjoy Australia’s rich coastal and ocean environments.

This partnership heralds a new era for the conservation of our marine ecosystems. We call upon all Australians with a passion for ocean preservation to become part of this significant movement.

Let’s collectively make a splash for positive change — every action counts towards a healthier ocean and a more resilient climate. Join us, and be a part of the change that secures the future of our oceans for generations to come.

About World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day catalyses collective action for a healthy ocean and a stable climate, working in collaboration with a wide range of organisations and youth leaders, rallying the world each June 8 and with continued engagement throughout the year. Coordinated and promoted internationally since 2002, the United Nations officially recognised World Ocean Day in 2008. The celebration and call to action has seen exponential growth with youth leadership central to its efforts, including the World Ocean Day Youth Advisory Council comprised of 25 members from a similar number of countries. Each year there are typically more than 2,000 events and activities in 150 countries – including educational programs, beach clean-ups, art contests, film screenings, public lectures, and advocacy and policy campaigns – taking place in support of ocean and climate conservation.

World Ocean Day creates a rising tide that lifts all conservation boats, shines a global spotlight on the importance of the ocean for the public, policymakers, and the media, and catalyses collective action for the planet’s one shared ocean. 2024 will mark the launch of a new multi-year World Ocean Day action theme that is, Catalysing Action for Our Ocean & Climate.

Over the years, World Ocean Day has grown into a global movement involving millions of people who are committed to protecting the health of the ocean and stabilising the climate. For more information, visit

Committing to playing our part in improving ocean health is part of our history of taking action.

Over the next 5 years, we are committing to:

• Activating a community of people to remove 30 tonnes of rubbish from entering the environment.
• Continue to work with CSIRO to expand their National Plastic Pollution Baseline Survey across the country.
• Improve biodiversity, climate resilience, blue carbon storage potential, and habitat for our hero species on 14 wetlands in 6 capital cities and 3 regional centres.
• Working alongside and supporting 80 community “care” and First Nations groups to catalyse action for ocean, wetlands and rivers.