Melbourne tram commuters reminded how easy it is to Build Back Nature

Tram stops around Melbourne were carrying messages of hope at the start of the month as part of Conservation Volunteer Australia’s Nature Blocks™ initiative.

The BUILD BACK NATURE billboards let Melbournians know about our great initiative, inviting them to contribute to something bigger and make a real difference to our natural world.

Native Blocks is a collective response to the urgent need to protect and restore nature. It’s also a fun way to connect to nature and improve your wellbeing.

Supported by the Bupa Foundation, we’re helping Australians all across the country take advantage of our new CVA Community Hub app, which connects you to conservation opportunities near you as well as guides you step by step to create your own Nature Block where you live.

Lizzie from Bupa stands in front of a Nature Blocks™ tram stop advertisement.

Lizzie from Bupa enjoys the spring Melbourne weather

We spoke to Lizzie Tota from Bupa, who lives in Melbourne, about her own connection to nature. Lizzie commented how spending time in and around nature improves her well-being and how creating a Nature Block could help soothe her eco-anxiety.

“My whole life, I’ve been out in nature,” she says. “Whether it’s at the beach or going for hikes with my family, I feel a bit more peace when I’m in nature. It relieves a bit of the stress of the everyday world.”

She adds, however, that climate change gives her a lot of stress and anxiety.

“I try to look for progress, and the things I can do that can help make a difference.”

Building back our biodiversity is key to what Nature Blocks is all about. By nurturing your own little patch of nature at home, work, or in your community garden, you can help make a crucial difference. It will feel great, too, and you can even get the kids, neighbours, or colleagues involved in a little Nature Blocks party where everyone brings some plants to plant.

A tramp stop in Melbourne.

A sunny, spring Melbourne day. Perfect for getting in touch with nature!

It’s really that easy! And we’ve made it easier than that: just download the CVA Community Hub app to get your handy shopping list and step-by-step guide.

Start with just a few native plants, add a habitat element and voilà ⎻ you’ve created a stepping stone between existing wildlife corridors in your neighbourhood!

“It was very easy to use,” Lizzie says.

“It’s super simple information and I was also impressed there was really clear information for someone with a balcony, because I don’t have a really big garden, so I appreciated that.”

If you want to get involved like Lizzie, visit and download the CVA Community Hub to get started today and be part of the change.




Two people stand in front of a billboard displaying information about Nature Blocks™

Our CVA colleague Kristen, and Lizzie from Bupa getting excited about Nature Blocks!


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