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May Highlights: Victories for Nature and Collaborative Achievements

In this month’s recap at Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA), delve into the transformative power of nature in mental wellbeing with Kit Kline’s article. Discover our presentation at the 2024 OzWater conference, and celebrate our victory in the ‘Climate & Nature Solutions’ category of the Shared Value Project. Learn about our UTS Green Infrastructure Lab launch in Sydney and our ongoing collaborations with FedEx and the Bupa Foundation. Finally, join our efforts with Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo to protect the endangered Spotted Tree Frog.

Latest articles:

In Kit Kline’s article, explore the transformative role of nature in mental wellbeing and learn about nature-based mindfulness techniques. Read the full article to uncover the therapeutic power of nature.

CVA had the privilege of presenting at the 2024 OzWater conference in Melbourne, the largest water conference in the Southern Hemisphere. CVA’s Head of Experience, Fanny de Busserolles (PhD), discussed the significant impact of our volunteer and community-led actions on reducing plastic pollution in Australian waterways.

Discover how CVA, in partnership with Landscapes Hills and Fleurieu, is working to protect the endangered Western Pygmy Possum in South Australia. Learn about this adorable creature’s habitat, the threats it faces, and the conservation efforts underway.

Credit: Museums Victoria

We’re thrilled to announce our victory in the ‘Climate & Nature Solutions’ category of the Shared Value Project! This award recognises our project, Nature Blocks, and our efforts to combat urban biodiversity loss. Our partners, including Arup and the Bupa Foundation, have been instrumental in our success.


Discover our recent experience at the UTS Green Infrastructure Lab Launch in Sydney. Join Fanny de Busserolles, our Head of Experience, in a panel discussion about the future of Green Infrastructure in Australia. Learn about the urgent need for urban greening to combat climate change and how collaborations like these help us in protecting our natural environment.

Partnership news

We are grateful for the ongoing support from FedEx Express Australia, an integral partner in our mission at CVA. Their team’s efforts, from beach clean-ups to seedling planting, are making a significant impact. In 2024 alone, FedEx team members helped remove over 320kg of litter bound for our waterways.

Discover how the ongoing collaboration between the Bupa Foundation and Conservation Volunteers Australia is making a positive impact on the physical and mental well-being of everyday Australians. Their Nature Blocks initiative is a simple yet effective way to engage with nature and contribute to its conservation.

Lynette Round, Head of Bupa Foundation and Social Impact, with Audrey Barucchi, Communications & Engagement, CVA

Together with Cadbury Dairy Milk Freddo, CVA’s been working to protect the critically endangered Spotted Tree Frog, a critically endangered species that has disappeared from 50% of their former habitat, with fewer than 1,000 frogs still in existence.

spotted tree frog

Greening Australia — Shoutout 😊

Continuing our exploration and conservation of nature, this month we feature a compelling piece by Greening Australia. It highlights the importance of Australian native plants, from eucalypts to unique Kangaroo paws, Banksias, robust native grasses, and iconic Grass Trees.

This article is a must-read for anyone interested in enriching their outdoor spaces with biodiversity. Let’s create resilient habitats that support native wildlife and enhance our wellbeing. Subscribe to their newsletter to learn more about their restoration and regeneration projects across Australia!

Photo: Jean and Fred Hort CC BY 2.0