March Highlights: a month full of actions and celebrations

In this month’s recap of community and citizen-led projects at CVA, discover how we celebrated International Women’s Day, learn about the transformative potential of Nature Blocks, and explore the innovative solutions discussed at the Leaders for Nature forum.

Plus, find out how you can join in on Neighbour Day and our SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge.

Celebrated International Women’s Day across the country

CVA is pleased to have celebrated International Women’s Day with multiple events across the country, fostering a sense of unity and shared passion for nature.

These events provided an enriching experience, allowing volunteers to engage in hands-on learning activities and fostering a deep sense of camaraderie.

New report shows Nature Blocks can transform cities into havens for urban biodiversity

Nature Blocks, created by everyday Australians, are revolutionising urban ecosystems. With over 600 blocks established, 72,802 people engaged, and 97% reporting improved wellbeing, this initiative is changing lives and landscapes.

Dive deeper into the Nature Blocks journey.

Leaders for Nature forum highlights collaboration and innovative approaches to tackle plastic waste

At the recent Leaders for Nature forum, stakeholders discussed plastic waste and potential solutions. The event highlighted innovative approaches and the need for collaboration and leadership beyond government intervention.

Celebrating Neighbour Day with Nature Blocks & Relationships Australia

Neighbour Day is an annual event which fosters a sense of belonging and unity by encouraging people to establish respectful relationships within their neighbourhoods.

Dive into our blog to learn how our Nature Blocks initiative is playing a key role and how you can get involved in celebrating Neighbour Day.

Enthusiastic university students show interest in volunteering and environmental initiatives at expo

We had an inspiring time at the University of Queensland and Griffith University, where we met passionate students during their Volunteer Expo and orientation week.

They showed a keen interest in volunteering, creating Nature Blocks, and reducing plastic waste.

Get ready for our SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge on the CVA App

Download the CVA App to access volunteering events near you, and download the new SeaToSource Plastic Waste Challenge!

Partnering with CVA

CVA makes a difference for the environment and communities through CSR & Social License Partnerships

Engage and Collaborate for Tangible Environmental Impact

The environment is grappling with issues that are critical, immediate, worldwide, and pressing. If these issues aren’t on your business’s agenda, they need to be.

We can support your organisation by offering initiatives that focus on the places where your employees live and your customers do business.

Joining forces with us allows you to make a positive, notable, and quantifiable difference for nature all over Australia.

You can direct your resources or financial contributions towards tackling today’s most urgent environmental problems.

“With our partners at Conservation Volunteers we have been able to create homes for our native species and help restore koala habitat by planting over 60,000 trees to date. The journey has just begun, and is a long road ahead but we are pleased with this tremendous progress and the ability to engage our NRMA customers along the way.” – Katherine White, Marketing Partnerships, IAG.