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CVA’s newest board member loves to get her hands dirty

The focus on getting things done for the planet proved irresistible for Conservation Volunteers Australia’s newest board member, Jodi Litzenberger.

Jodi Litzenberger

Jodi Litzenberger, CVA director

Spending more time with CVA has been on Jodi’s wish list after a three-year stint as Group Sustainability Manager for Virgin Australia brought her into contact with CVA.

“People don’t need to necessarily understand the ins and outs of ecosystems but, with CVA, you can just get out there and do something that you can see makes a difference,” Jodi says.

“It was really nice to see such a well-organised approach that’s hands-on, getting stuff done, and helping the planet.

“Since then, I’ve been watching for ways to tie into CVA and so I was really excited when the opportunity came up to contribute my skills and expertise at board level.”

Equipped with qualifications in both accounting and life sciences, Jodi Litzenberger’s career is studded with high-profile corporate sustainability roles in the food and beverage, finance, consulting, and aviation sectors.

CVA chief executive Phil Harrison welcomed Jodi to the board at her first meeting as a director in November.

“Jodi’s appointment broadens the outlook and skillset of the board and we’re very fortunate to have her insights,” Phil says.

“CVA is continually adding new ways to connect with nature, take action for nature and feel good about it, too! Having Jodi add her fresh perspective to the guiding team is invaluable.”

Based in Sydney, Jodi is a long-time volunteer for nature, both in Australia and her native Canada. She’s also a keen gardener, who loves to grow her own veggies.

“I think CVA’s focus is really aligned, not just to where corporates are heading, but I think, collectively, to where people are shifting their thinking and understanding of the importance of that connection to the environment,” Jodi says.

“CVA is making that connection and ways to actually make a difference more approachable.”